I am kinda fed up with these hypocrite Taliban fanboys living good the good life in the West while the scoff and mock our country´s achievements in the last 20 years.

Thread on the important achievements made since the fall of the Taliban troglodytes.
Since 2001, the number of children attending school has surged from 900,000 (very few girls were allowed to have a basic education) to 9.2 million, including 3.6 million girls in 2020.
Life expectancy at birth has increased from 56,38 years in 2001 to 64,48 in 2020.


Human Development Index has risen from 0,345 in 2000 to 0,496 in 2018.


According to the World Bank, 98% of the rural population have access to electricity in 2018, up from 28% in 2008. Overall the figure stands at 98.7%.


AFG uses its own space satellite called Afghansat 1, which provides services to millions of phone, internet, and television subscribers. By 2001 following years of civil war, telecommunications was virtually a non-existent sector, but by 2016 it had grown to a $2 billion...
industry, with 22 million mobile phone subscribers and 5 million internet users.


"Connecting Afghanistan: The rise of technology in governance and society – The Embassy of Afghanistan in London".
Afghanistan has now several private and public airlines such as Ariana, Kam Air, Safi Airways and Pamir. Railroads are being built connecting the country with Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.
Several massive dams were built across the country that will help us to achieve energetic independency in the coming years: Kajaki Dam, Dahla Dam, and the Sardeh Band Dam.
Afghanistan´s isolationism is also over. We were once a hub for movement of goods, ideas and cultures. A key member of the Silk Road. Now we are involved in many massive regional projects such as TAPI, CASA, Lapislazuli Corridor, Chabahar, OBOR and many more.
AFG has around 350 radio stations and over 200 television stations. Afghan media is one of the most important achievements in the last 20 years. Afghanistan IS THE ONLY COUNTRY IN THE REGION WHERE YOU CAN SEE PEOPLE OPENLY CRITICIZING THE GOV. This is an amazing achievement
Before 2001 were were absolutely dependent on Pakistan for almost everything. We used to watch Indian movies and listen Indian music. Now we have our own small but growing musical industry, that produces its stuff in our own languages.
When it comes to sports, Afg has made amazing achievements too. We have now a good cricket team, won our first medals in olympics,.. most cities and villages have in one way or another countless facilities for young people to practice different sports.
Before 2001 many Afghan made products such as carpets, dry fruits, food, gems,.. were sent to neighboring countries, rebranded and exported to other countries as their own instead of giving credit to our country. Now this has completely changed. Now we can protect what is ours!
Another of our greatest achievements (I am very proud of this one) is a small yet growing CIVIL SOCIETY. I see people openly engaging in politics, social and cultural issues, building networks within and outside AFG, talking to people from other countries, opening their minds.
Before 2001, Afghanistan was a country plagued by landmines. Thousands were either killed or badly mutilated, mostly children. By 2007 almost 80% of all that had been cleared. Now in 2020 Afghanistan is almost free of landmines. Source:

Afghanistan´s tourist sector is small but growing. In 2016 at least 20.000 tourists visited our war-torn country. Of course they all visited Gov controlled areas, not the regions under troglodyte control.

Navid Ahmad Barakzai, ed. (27 September 2016). "20,000 foreign tourists visit Afghanistan annually". Pajhwok Afghan News (PAN). Retrieved 15 May 2017.
Since 2002, AFG´s healthcare system was rebuilt. The new system has improved the health and life expectancy of Afghans. In 2001 only 9% of Afghans lived within a one hour walk of a health facility. In 2014, 57 % have access to a health facility less than one hour from
their home.
Under Taliban troglodyte rule, women were banned from public life. Since 2002, they have made unprecedented strides. In the first round of Afghanistan’s 2014 presidential elections, women represented more than 35 percent of voters. There are currently 142 female judges in AFG.
For the first time in Afg´s history, women are achieving stuff by their own instead of relying on men. Like this: https://twitter.com/BiruniKhorasan/status/1301548800897683461
It is also important to point out that many great traditional stuff of our heritage such as miniatures, ancient musical instruments, calligraphy, Khorasanian architecture,.. have been revived in the last 20 years.
"As of 2016, Afghanistan’s higher education system lacks the capacity (despite rapid expansion over the last decade) to accommodate demand from students, especially at the master’s and almost nonexistent doctoral levels. Estimates of the number of outbound students from AFG..."
"AFG differ by source, with the World Bank calculating in 2013 that some 5,000 Afghan students studied abroad. As of 2016, UNESCO reports that approximately 17,000 Afghan students studied abroad in 2013, with 9,033 (53 percent) in Iran, 2,330 (14 percent) in India,..."
Maternal mortality in Afghanistan:

2000: 1450 per 100.000
2017: 638 per 100.000.


Picture on the left: Taliban savages destroying our cultural heritage.

Picture on the right: our people temporary reviving it with modern technology.

Which one represents culture and civilization? And which one represents barbarism and ignorance? Choose!
Vast majority of internally displaced people in Afghanistan are people moving from Taliban controlled regions into Gov controlled ones. People literally flee Taliban regions and their failed narco/terrorist-"state".

Source: https://www.internal-displacement.org/countries/afghanistan
Many more achievements were made but I think we made our point. Next time some low IQ terrorist fanboy mocks our achievements, show them this thread.

Many mistakes have been made but we can reform our system instead of replacing it by one run by illiterate tribal terrorists.
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