Okay so I am going to have to go and do some digging for pictures to show you what I did when I started university! I didn't get the grades I needed to get in to my top choice! So I was offered a place in what is called the foundation year @FBMH_UoM
It also was not called Biology, Medicine and Health when I went there haha! In the foundation year we did biology, chemistry and maths...turns out I actually wasn't as bad at chemistry as I thought and I got a B compared to the D I got in my a-level chem class!!
Sometimes it truly is about the teacher as much as the subject matter! So if you think you're bad at something it's very possible it isn't you!
After my foundation year I took the money I had saved up and went travelling for the first time as an adult! Things definitely did not go as I had planned them but alas I still survived 3 months in British Columbia by myself at 19!!
Here's me in the Lynn Valley Canyon looking super stoked!
A marmot in my friends yard in Penticton!
I rode horses, I learnt to shoot and I saw lots of wildlife!!
This is me in Sidney!! AirCanada screwed up my flights so this is where I ended up before Vancouver! My first, but not my last trip to the puget sound area!
I visited the rockies for the first time ever! This was a lifelong dream of mine so I was super stoked and also ofc more than excited to see all the wildlife! I saw bighorn, coyotes and lots of chipmunks!
Aside from my upbringing in Australia I really credit this trip to BC with where I have ended up today! It was pivotal in my development as a human and as a scientist!
Oh yeah and I also went bear watching! How could I forget this crucial fact!
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