"While Canada is a net exporter of energy and is dealing from a basic position of strength, the chink in our armour is our dependence on
imported oil." https://twitter.com/jkenney/status/1306259482708594694
What Kenney wants to create is, "an opportunity for all Canadians to participate in the energy industry; particularly oil and gas, and to share in the benefits of its expansion," it seems.
In addition to incentives for the oil sands production, "the government is also prepared to offer incentive prices for enhanced oil recovery and for upgraded heavy oil."
"The government remains committed, to providing strong incentives to the industry. The orientation of the incentive regime will be changed in a way which will encourage Canadians to participate more fully in this country's oil and gas future." This is great stuff...
"As a matter of national priority, the government will ensure that the pipeline system is extended beyond Montreal to Quebec City and the Maritimes." Truly nation-building stuff here, wouldn't you say?
"Taken together, these measures will enhance Canada's energy security by ending our reliance on imported supplies," and ensure that "all Canadians have an opportunity to participate in the development of Canada's energy resources." Wow.
None of this quotes @jkenney. These quotes are all taken from the 1980 speech of the Hon. Allan J. MacEachen, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Member of Parliament for Cape Breton Highlands-Canso from October 28, 1980 introducing the NEP. #ABLeg #cdnpoli
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