What Jason Kenney doesn’t seem to get, is while he’s telling Albertans with severe disabilities they earn too much, Jason is:

⚡️Charging Albertans $3 million a YEAR for just his staff.
⚡️Expensing steak dinners and lavish hotels
⚡️Paying Matt Wolf $200,000 a year to troll. https://twitter.com/globaledmonton/status/1306253694833483784
Jason Kenney refuses to actually look at what he’s spending. They’re cutting and slashing benefits for people that need them.

They could find $120 million in savings by cutting their “War Room” which has been a complete failure and stain on our Province. #Abpoli #Ableg
Instead of wasting $2 million on “exploring” a police force, we could spend that on Albertans who actually need our help.

The UCP are so hypocritical when it comes to being “fiscal”. It only applies to those hurting the most, not their Government abusing the system. #Abpoli
The level of entitlement from this “Premier” is sickening. Jason Kenney gets a six figure pension from Ottawa.

Jason Kenney has no clue what struggle is or how hard life can be when you barely get by on 20K a year. #Abpoli #Ableg
It’s sickening and cruel for someone worth millions and no expertise or education in disabilities to tell people they aren’t disabled enough and deserve less.

How many AISH recipients has Jason Kenney talked to himself? The answer is probably zero.

#Abpoli #Ableg #Alberta
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