As promised this is my thread of my Halloween shirts.

First up, a new shirt that reads Pot Stirrer.

It might be too on the nose for me.
Today's #Halloween shirt paired with no makeup & hair that needs to be recolored. Le sigh.
Another Halloween shirt, Witch Please, plus ghost earrings & wet hair (you can just see my undercut)
"Witch vibes" is my current #Halloween shirt plus skull earrings plus new purplish color hair.

Also, I look really effin' tired.
Some days call for two #Halloween tees 👻👻👻👻
Not technically a #Halloween shirt but close enough.

Also, accurate rendering of where I'm at.

Just kidding.

Maybe not?
#Halloween shirt that references Ghostbusters with Pac-Man ghosts is sort of a mess but also awesome.

Yes, that's the same damn hoodie from yesterday.
Next up, a witchy #Halloween shirt that reads "I'll get you my pretty" plus one of my favorite jackets.

(Also, check out my @HashiCorp & Nomad pins!)
@chrissy_cataldo if you look close at the picture above, you can see the final girl pin that you made.
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