To put into comparison, the Ottoman Empire ruled 500-700 years over its subjects, the western colonial powers ruled 50-150 years over their subjects.

The former Ottoman subjects don’t speak Turkish, while the subjects of the West still speak the languages of their colonizers.
And this is only for Asia and Africa, the Western colonial powers absolutely demolished the Americas by wiping out whole civilizations and ethnic groups, to this day the people in the Americas still face an identity crisis and speak Spanish/Portuguese/English/French.
The ethnic groups under the Ottoman Empire preserved their culture, their heritage, their language, because they were never forced to assimilate, while the colonial powers sowed chaos, spread their ideologies and pacified their former subjects.
The same can be said for Russia, which did the same to Central and North Asia and the Caucasus like the Westerners did in the Americas, wiping out whole civilizations, massacring everyone in their way, and leaving an identity crisis behind through Russification.
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