#ExeIntel https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1305657019953709058
#ExeIntel https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1274244850850856960
The owner/founder of #ExeIntel is Jaime Chanaga.

ExeIntel is for whom Jester’s years-long business partner, SheliJ works.

Jaime Chanaga’s Keybase had only 2 followers when it was archived: Jester and SheliJ.
#WeinerGate was the precursor to #ExeIntel

#StrannysBoys https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1184641356268003328
Here is RIGHT WING Jester in 2016 attacking Democrats with his homophobic, anti-LGBTQ friend of YEARS, MadameAmerica.

Tweeted on the day of the Zimmerman verdict.

Jester has used his flying monkeys for 3 years to abuse Democrats on this platform.

He has run psyops against the left at least since #WeinerGate

#ExeIntel hates Hillary Clinton
This RIGHT WING fuckery has been an ongoing operation for a decade.

Many of the individuals associated with #ExeIntel are religious Islamophobic zealots.

Many are simply right wing political bigoted ideologues.

All believe their desired ends justify any means.

These are inherently dangerous and boundariless individuals.
Does the RIGHT WING Jester coalition launder CoSo and Twitter data through Chanaga’s NTT Data company?
Why does Jester threaten to “disappear” those who expose his RIGHT WING antics?
Why did Jester have a Russian email address?


Why do Jester’s minions think law enforcement is theirs to use as a tool, simply because someone does a thread exposing their RIGHT WING trickery on Twitter dot com?

Look here at Doug Stewart’s girl Lia retweeting Jester about his CoSo “identity theft” malware and retweeting #ExeIntel SheliJ

CoSo is a RIGHT WING op.
#ExeIntel Group lists Hetty Aquino, Katherine S. Chang and Jaime Chanaga. Hetty Aquino's California address is what shows as the company address which is false. That is SheliJ's 60-yr-old friend. SheliJ is a model who owns all the companies but she is a UK citizen.
SheliJ requires a U.S. citizen front and a U.S. address nexus to obtain U.S. defense contracts for #ExeIntel.
The stochastic terrorist Michele Jeffries (aka SheliJ) is a resident of Dorset, United Kingdom.

By all means, invite the whole gang!

#ExeIntel #InQTel
It appears I have rustled Jester’s britches.

#ExeIntel #InQTel
RIGHT WING Kronykal is Jester’s fixer.

I regret to say, he cannot fix things for Jester this time.

Calling for the nazi shit poster hacker Sang will do you no good.

Everything has already been posted elsewhere on this platform behind a locked account. https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1304918324925681665
Give it a read.

Learn all about the psyops being used on American citizens.


#ExeIntel #InQTel
Happy New Year.

#ExeIntel https://twitter.com/jeffgiesea/status/1306981908228628480
Trump white supremacist warriors have infiltrated and tainted the U.S. NATO contingent for Putin.


Why is it #ExIntel infiltrators/bad actors on the left have never heretofore been outed by the serial doxxers Karma/Calm/OpWolverines?🤔

Why is it Karma/Calm/OpWolverines never so much as did a single thread about #ExeIntel in three years?
#ExeIntel https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1306794726272782342
The Microchip accounts are an #ExeIntel Op.

Spicci is an #ExeIntel Op.

Kaspa and Gigi are #ExeIntel Ops. https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1293915299230748672
More coming on this soon 👏🏼
In-Q-Tel https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1296470907909799936
In-Q-Tel https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1295382331973304320
Why are Doug Stewart and his girl Lia Spinelli SO PARANOID about me “sending Doug to jail”?

AGAIN: I reported SPICCI to the FBI, NOT Doug.

Of course, SPICCI has violated numerous federal criminal laws.

Why are they so fixated with that FBI report? 🤔

Take a good look at what Microchip is wearing on his head in this depiction Kaspa posted.

#ExeIntel https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1293970220856606721
Well, well ... look at this.

Stefano deleted his threads.


Do tell SPICCI hello for me.👋🏼

I wonder how fake Antifa AntifascistF12, the habitual doxxer, missed SheliJ’s boyfriend, the instructor on cyber-warfare these past 3 years?

Maybe because he was too busy lying and running defense for #ExeIntel ?

Curious how his attacks on me coincided with my research.🤔
Hello there.

This thread will resume next week.

So much more to discuss ...

Shana Tova!
I cannot sleep knowing what I know.

I will add to this thread as I can through the weekend.

Jester is knee-deep in ExeIntel and with executing dangerous psyops onto American citizens.


Recall, the stochastic terrorist and business partner to Jester, SheliJ, operates Pain vs Guilt.


To recap: Jaime Chanaga founded #ExeIntel which SheliJ operates.

SheliJ and Jester are partners with Chanaga/ExeIntel.

They are vigilantes who use ExeIntel entities to contract with the U.S. government to indoctrinate U.S.citizens. among other things..
SheliJ is a stochastic terrorist who provides kill lists to Andy Ngo and Atomwaffen.

SheliJ’s boyfriend is Stefano Paternello, who operates several Groyper accounts and who engages in vigilante stochastic terrorism.
Chanaga, Jester and SheliJ and their crews were anti-Islam vigilantes together prior to the 2016 election.

They since have applied their skills to right wing election psyops and to being anti-antifa crusaders behind the scenes, though SheliJ is a public face to that work.
Part of their operation involves infiltrating what they view to be the enemy: Antifa. https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1306760513603416066
Another part of the #ExeIntel operation involves memetic cyber warfare used against U.S. citizens.

Yet another part of their operation involves data aggregation (CoSo; NTT Data).

Another aspect involves trench warfare by cyber-actors.
There is, finally, the component to this which propagandizes and engages right wing elements on the spectrum via the use of bot nets and coordinated messaging.

More to come ...
This is SheliJ’s boyfriend, who peddles ultra white nationalist propaganda:


THREAD: https://twitter.com/econbrkfst/status/1221466318953517057
THREAD: https://twitter.com/__WhyzGuy/status/1306525000564912128
THREAD: https://twitter.com/econbrkfst/status/1224540005801943041
In the end, they all work for Peter Thiel, don’t cha know?


#ExeIntel #InQTel
#ExeIntel #InQTel https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1296457021089349632
#InQTel operatives are paid to scrape and gather our data for Peter Thiel under the guise of COVID research while LARPing as liberals and Antifa warriors.

This data is used by the authoritarian Trump administration and #ExeIntel against us and against our democratic systems. https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1296091423675224064
Back to that #ExeIntel Antifa infiltration op referenced a few tweets above in this thread, curious how USNJack/Ca1m/Karma/OpWolverine never ONCE mentioned SheliJ’s Stefano Patarnello with all the grandstanding they have done these past 18 months.🤔
What happened in 2019 to the YourAntifaNinja account, who used to tell people to report SPICCI to the DOJ?

What changed in 2019?
Many readers of this thread are afraid to comment, like or share the thread, for fear of retribution.

That fear is rational.

Do not fret.

My thread now returns as the #1 hit on Google.

My motivation is defending against authoritarianism and protecting our democracy.
More coming soon ...
Remember in 2019 when I received the death threat photo from this Russian account?

Look at the screenshots of my Twitter reports.

I think it is very clear what has been going on here. My only regret is waiting too long to detect and expose this chaos op.

I am astounded so many others have been duped by this LARPer.

#ExeIntel #InQTel #OpChaos
Reminder: https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1306739730957193216
That is now fake Antifa LARPer AntifascistF12, “family” to Trump’s CIA-paid In-Q-Tel Erie Mom.


#InQTel https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1295927514435653634
Here is a Facebook profile for Trump’s CIA-paid In-Q-Tel chaos monkey Cody Webb.
This Cody Webb. THREAD: https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1296474110722179073
This Cody Webb: https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1297523871596326912
This misogynistic, alt-right collaborating Cody Webb:

~ Pause Thread ~
Cody Webb is a chaos monkey. He thrives on dividing people. He admits that he has intentionally formed troll groups for “academic research”.

He has written about this.

We are lab rats in his narcissistic Peter Thiel world.

We will learn more about this tomorrow.

Before we explore the InQTel trolls, let’s go back to SheliJ’s boyfriend and Jester’s biz partner.

See earlier in this thread about him.


What a bunch of hateful gremlins these people are.

I wonder whose op this really is?


Archive link is above in this thread.

Recall, Jaime Chanaga is the CEO of #ExeIntel
Why is it the “valiant guardians” KARMA/CALM/OPWOLVERINE never once mentioned Stefano?


Who else is on CIA/FBI payroll like #ExeIntel ?
~ pause thread ~
Trump’s Peter Thiel, CIA-paid #InQTel “Erie Mom” is “family” to AntifascistF12.

She hangs out in MAGA rooms with #ExeIntel operatives.

She is a social engineer who plays both sides of the field for Thiel-CIA cash while scraping our data.

She LOVES to gaslight.
#ExeIntel Jester has his hand in every pot.

I began threading on Microchip on August 13 and #InQTel on August 16.

On August 23, I retweeted an #ExeIntel notice about an upcoming thread on SheliJ.
#ExeIntel is all about abusing Democrats. https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1307230000039460865
#ExeIntel https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1307336332709158919
#ExeIntel https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1307339350833758208
About Peter Thiel and Jeff Giesea referenced earlier in this thread, there is more to discuss.

We will get to this later.

#ExeIntel #InQTel https://twitter.com/sparrowmedia/status/1304509820981174275
Jester, his partners SheliJ and Jaime Chanaga are now and have been for years RIGHT WING #ExeIntel abusers of those on the left.

Some #ExeIntel history:

“Touch My Tweets” / TMT was Tracie. She operated multiple accounts used to dox and harass many.

She worked with Jester’s team fulfilling Islamophobic “take downs”.

There was a falling out, after which some remained team Jester and others went rogue.
For more info about Tracie Kinghorn, see: https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1305663877636599809
Some who remained team Jester adopted fake resistance personas. Some are LARPing as online Antifa.

“Missy” is an #ExeIntel operative who was Tracie’s online doxxing partner before the falling out.

Missy also operates Antifa accounts.

#ExeIntel https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1306283358142464000
#ExeIntel https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1305136211032444929
You can read about Missy’s exploits as an alleged GhostSec informant here:

#ExeIntel https://twitter.com/WritesMore/status/1305136212466860033
~ Pause Thread ~
At a certain point, it was alleged Tracie lost her fed informant payments and turned to ISIS for money.


Missy told the entire team.
Missy was quite upset when the stochastic terrorist, Jester’s business partner, SheliJ’s account was suspended from Twitter.

She adores SheliJ.

Did I mention? Missy was following me on Twitter until I recently blocked her.

As we discussed, Stefano Paternello operates several companies.
Following the trail of those companies led me to Toffler Associates, in Arlington, VA.



Toffler Associates in Arlington, VA does not appear (at this time) to be related to Stefano’s companies.

However, its objectives relating to the use of disruptive technology are related.
Toffler Associates has recently entered into very lucrative government contracts to (presumably) provide disruptive technology services.

Does this include paying right wing operatives on social media to further the Trump Administration’s agenda? https://govtribe.com/vendors/toffler-associates-inc-dot-38ym3
Oh, look!

One of Stefano Patarnello’s Groyper’s makes a cameo appearance in a Russian Nestle commercial.
It is no wonder Stefano expresses his love for Putin so often, now is it?

Back to that fake Antifa LARPer known as “Calm” referenced earlier in this thread: Remember Tracie (see above in thread)?


#ExeIntel #InQTel

No amount of criminal hacking and abusive gaslighting will erase the FACTS.

Remember, “Calm” supposedly left in January 2019.
“Karma” claimed on March 1, 2019 that Calm left behind Calm’s archives “with a few of us.”
Here is #InQTel Cody Webb in 2018 licking #ExeIntel boots about “progdad”, who was then later deplatformed with the help of “Karma” in 2019.

Many say Cody Webb is also “Karma”.
Here is Cody Webb with the hacker Sang’s girlfriend “nikitamouse” collaborating against Democrats on this platform.
Nikki has many Groyper friends.

#InQTel #ExeIntel
Cody Webb and Nikki have collaborated together using us as lab rats for their grant funding money.
Nicole Shoshenskiy is an abuser of Democrats and she, like the #InQTel operatives, sits on all sides of the field to sow chaos and division.

Something happened between January and March 2019.

We will explore this further when we look at the Microchip accounts piece of the puzzle.

#ExeIntel #InQTel
Some history about Tracie.

This is #ExeIntel dragging the holy heck out of Tracie.

I will not post it all, because it is not relevant today.

If AlexBerenson is correct that Tracie was Ca1m, it connects many dots.

I am not inclined to believe AlexBerenson is correct.
This is important.

Talib’s Twitter feed was a battleground.

“Mary” was a Talib defender.

Here is Alex discussing with Spicci that Mary is Tracie/Calm.

#ExeIntel #InQTel
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