Thread: Over the past two months we watched over 330 Tim Pool videos and collected a list of every source he used and its political bias. Here is what we found:
According to our analysis of over 330 videos, Tim Pool uses pro-rightwing biased sources almost 60% of the time with his most commonly used source being the Daily Mail - a source so unreliable and controversial that Wikipedia doesn't allow its use as a reference in articles.
Additionally across the 330+ videos analysed Tim Pool's top 10 sources include 6 that have a pro-rightwing bias including Breitbart a source judged to be "extreme right" by the independent service we used to determine source bias.
Across the 330+ videos analysed Tim Pool's 5 most used sources are (from most used to least):

The Daily Mail (96X)
Fox News (36X)
The New York Times (30X)
Andy Ngo Tweets (26X)
The New York Post (24X)
When Tim Pool does include sources with a pro-left bias he often does so to criticise them for perceived failings or “bias” rarely if ever doing the same with right and extreme right biased sources.
Despite his claims of being “center left” Tim Pool did not use a single source from an extreme left publication in the 330+ videos analysed however 5% of his sources have an extreme right bias including Breitbart which is his joint 6th most used source.
And of course a massive thank you to @Lubed_Waffle who created the graphics used in this thread and in our blog post.
I’m getting a few comments on this so I want to clarify: I don’t personally consider CNN, The New York Times, or WaPo leftwing however in order to avoid accusations of manipulating the data to suit my own agenda I used an independent database of media bias.
I don’t mind constructive criticism related to that but I’m a getting a fair few unconstructive comments too. To those people: I spent over 100 hours on this analysis over the last 3 weeks while juggling a full time job & spending time with family. Next time you do the analysis.
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