What the HELL is going on with Britney Spears - a thread #FreeBritney
12 years ago, Britney Spears was put under a court-ordered conservatorship by her father Jamie Spears. This extreme legal measure usually occurs when someone can't make their own decisions, like someone with dementia or with a coma. #FreeBritney
The conservatorship gave Jamie the power to make all the decisions about Britney's personal affairs and finances, including who she can see, where she can go, what she can spend her money on and all the decisions about her fortune. #FreeBritney
It is a fact that Britney Spears never wanted this conservatorship. Her brother even admitted this on a podcast! #FreeBritney
She originally tried to hire a well-respected lawyer Adam Streisand to help her fight the conservatorship, but the judge deemed her unable to choose her own attorney and ejected him from the courtroom. #FreeBritney
Britney then tried to hire ANOTHER attorney, Jon Eardley, and left him this voicemail claiming her father was threatening to take her kids away if she tried to get out of the conservatorship. #FreeBritney
All of these efforts failed and now Britney has been under this conservatorship for 12 years, unable to make any decisions about her life. #FreeBritney
Jamie's father is a raging alcoholic and has a well-documented history of abuse towards his family. Here is Britney and Kevin picking him up from rehab in 2004. #FreeBritney
Fans began really questioning the conservatorship in 2019 when Britney was entered into a mental health facility against her. Britney testified to this in court. #FreeBritney
Later in 2019, Jamie was investigated for abusing one of Britney's sons. Her two boys have an active restraining order against him and he was forced to step down as the conservator of Britney's person, but remains in control of her estate. #FreeBritney https://twitter.com/thefamoustea/status/1279845539824177152/video/1
That brings us to this year. Britney Spears has filed documents through her court-appointed attorney taking steps to remove her father as conservator of her estate. #FreeBritney
This has resulted in a full-on legal battle, the first hearing of which is taking place today in Los Angeles. Fans will be protesting in every time zone in the United States! #FreeBritney
The judge will likely decide on whether to seal the documents moving forward in regards to choosing a new conservator of her estate. Britney has filed court documents asked this to be made public and she appreciates the "informed supports of her many fans." #FreeBritney
Britney has also filed court documents asking for Bessemer Trust, a qualified team of financial professionals who work with Amazon and Apple, to manage her estate. #FreeBritney
Britney's father is going against her wishes and wants to bring back her former co-conservator Andrew Wallet who resigned last year citing "irreparable harm" to Britney if his request was not granted. #FreeBritney
What's happening to Britney Spears is not okay! Everyone should be able to make their own decisions about their personal autonomy and finances. Please join us in trending #FreeBritney and spread the word about this injustice!
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