1/5 I’M SO TIRED (a thread)

@JustinTrudeau @cafreeland @JonathanWNV - I’m sure you’re tired, too. It’s been a hard year. I believe you care about climate change. But your good intentions aren’t going to cut it. We don’t have decades. We need transformative action NOW #cdnpoli https://twitter.com/cbcearlyedition/status/1305953529102827520
3/5 Canadians want bold, visionary action. No #thronespeech has been as highly anticipated as the one you’ll deliver on Sept. 23, @JustinTrudeau. COVID-19 has exposed how truly lethal the status quo is. Business as usual is killing people and the planet. https://twitter.com/broadbent/status/1305864501187805184
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