AG Barr tried to gaslight America yesterday. His job is to #defenddemocracy, not work to undermine it. Barr is reading from the same voter suppression playbook as @realdonaldtrump. Every word of his statements on #VoteByMail could undermine confidence in the election. (Thread)
Fact: Millions of Americans have voted privately and securely from the safety of their homes for generations. We have been voting by mail as early as the American Revolution. #VoteByMail works for our military men and women and it works for @realDonaldTrump and his family.
Another fact: After a five-year investigation, the DOJ found “scant” evidence of voter fraud. Perhaps AG Barr should check his own agency’s receipts before lying about vote-by-mail and voter fraud.
CO is a #VoteByMailForAll state. Every registered voter receives a ballot in the mail. They can return the ballot by mail, by drop box or vote in person. In addition to leading the nation in turnout, the Department of Homeland Security said we lead the nation in election security
Colorado voters can also track their ballots, to see when it’s mailed to them, received, and accepted. We should be working across the nation to bring our elections into the 21st Century.
Providing voters with the option to vote safely from home during a pandemic will save lives. Period.
I learned a lot in law school. But I didn’t have to be taught that the attorney general of the United States should not spread lies or try to tilt an election. If Barr was actually concerned about the “loss of the confidence of the vote,” he would stop.
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