A thread about what to expect from Eternals which will affect the future of the MCU.


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1. Atlantis

In comics, when Second Host Celestials destroyed Lemuria, it indirectly affected Atlantis which led to sinking of both continents called "Great Cataclysm".

This can set the stage for Namor to appear in MCU. #Namor #Atlantis #Eternals
2. Cosmic Entities:- Eternals take place 7000 years before Universe was formed and it gives origins for other cosmic entities like Galactus, Annihilus and Thanos and probably they can tease about Time Traveller Kang (who will appear at Ant-Man 3). #Galactus #Thanos #Annihilus
3. Inhumans

After the horrible ABC Inhumans TV Series, Marvel had plans to make Inhumans solo movie and release on Nov 2018, now Eternals can set the stage for these Royal Family to appear in MCU and Ms. Marvel going deep about Inhumans. #Inhumans #Eternals #Marvel
4. Mutants

After FOX used X-Men properties from (2000-2019), Marvel is not going to touch X-Men anytime soon but that doesn't mean they can set the stage for Mutants group, like using X-Gene to set up Mutants. #Mutants #Eternals #Marvel
5. Supernatural / Horror

In comics, Vampires are created by Darkholders using a book called "Darkhold" which was hidden in Atlantis before Great Cataclysm if it sets up vampires this can potentially lead to the appearance of Blade in MCU. #Blade #Eternals #Vampires #Marvel
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