2) Poor @ARENA_aus takes a funding cut and lumped with a larger dirtier workload

ARENA started with $315m pa under Labor-Greens in 2011, then cut to $240 million pa under Abbott in 2014

Now its $140m pa

see @TheAusInstitute @DanJCass report 👇 https://www.tai.org.au/content/fighting-arena-securing-australian-renewable-energy-agency
5) To do this there is $70m into developing a regional hydrogen export hub

Potential locations are either brown coal, black coal or gas hubs (exception of Tas Bell Bay)!

Clearly they want to use 'clean hydrogen' to save fossil fuels.

7) Clean Hydrogen is really dirty

You would get lower emissions if you burnt the coal & gas straight up instead of turning it to hydrogen

Assuming CCS will fail - which is a likely - emissions will only go up and up!

Great chart from @Fiona_J_Beck @frankjotzo @ThomasLongden3
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