I am not an accessibility expert. Yet because I am blind, I am expected to not only tell companies that their site/product/document isn't accessible but also why and how to fix it. Please pay the experts to do this, it is their job and they would like to help you. #a11y
Imagine working at a bank and the client database accessed by customer service agents suddenly stopped functioning. Would you ask the client to fix it? The customer service agent? No, you'd call your tech support team. The same applies here.
I probably know more about accessibility than the average person because I have to. But I don't know very much. If you wouldn't pay me to fix your product in general because you recognise I don't have the skill to do it, don't expect me to tell you how to make it accessible.
Also, there is a huge difference between usability and accessibility testing. I can tell you how user friendly your product is for me and that feedback may be helpful. I cannot tell you if it complies with accessibility guidelines. Again, pay the experts. #a11y
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