#600DayswithMewGulf Since the beginning, all they wanted was to get close to each other. They began breaking down each other's walls. They made a compromise of some sort. Gaming became their comfort. +
It's what started building that unbreakable bond that they now share between them. They didn't stop until every brick of that wall was taken down and was shattered into millions of pieces. Freeing what's inside them to come out. Doing that, they became themselves.
They began to trust not only each other but the person they always were. Instead of fearing their worst parts of each other, they began to accept them. Instead of hating their insecurities, they became a part of them that they liked. Gulf's ears.
He used to hate them cause of how small they were. But since Mew has taken a liking to them. Given them his undivided attention. Waking him up by gently shaking them. Or just playing with them cause he simply wants to. Ever since then, he's become more acceptive of them.
They've become apart of him that he enjoys having. Mew becoming fond of every part of Gulf, so did Gulf himself. Gulf freed Mew from judgement. He never listened or paid attention to the gossip about him. In my opinion, he always trusted him.
After a few weeks of meeting each other, he said "I think he will protect me." Mew's response, "Really? I will protect you?" Gulf said without hesitation: "Yes. Absolutely." This to me, is when Mew's first brick started crumbling. He felt that it was so sudden.
So quick for a stranger to trust him. And in doing that, Mew began to trust Gulf. After that, it was about letting each other in. Into their hearts. Into their souls. Into their mind. Mew found Gulf but Gulf saved Mew. Before Gulf, he trusted the wrong person.
I think he might've thought deep down he would never be able to trust anyone ever again. Trust is a precious thing. It's hard to earn it back once it's broken. But it's harder for that person to give it to the one who deserves it.
There's always that thought in the back of their mind wondering what their intentions are. What will they do once they have it? Why do they want it? Should I give it to them? The nagging that comes from trust is what makes it so hard to earn.
It's not something that's given so easily. Sometimes we give it to the wrong people. Once we do that, it's harder to accept someone and not see them as a threat to our mentality. To our hearts. Gulf saved Mew just in the nick of time. He not only gained his heart.
But he gained his trust as well. He brought the light back into his eyes. His smile became blinding. His happiness has been radiating off of him practically ever since meeting him. They were strangers with a connection that neither understood but they knew it was true.
They both have said more than once that they believed it was fate for them to meet each other. But sometimes it's not enough to believe. You need to feel it. Sense it. They've done both since their first meeting.
I never really cared or believed in a happily ever after. "The one." Society ruins that for us. The temptations, the cheating, the heartbreak. I only found true love in a movie or a book. I've been a pessimist for so long when it came to love.
But these two have changed it completely. I know love when I see it. And these two are in love with each other. But it's not enough to realize it if it's only for other people. You have to realize that it's true. That you can find yours. That your person is out there.
You can't go on living life not caring about love. It's what we all need. You need to seek it. Find it. Keep it. And never let it go once you do. You need to fight for something that is worth it. What MewGulf have is the definition of worth. They realize this.
They have saved it more times than any of us know. They still go after it, cause they know what they're gaining every time. They didn't seek each other out in the beginning but they are now. And they're refusing to let go.
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