Not sure who needs to hear this, but grace, humility, and kindness are REALLY helpful in publishing! Yes, this industry is hard, and venting (discreetly) is healthy, but if you spend most of your time grumbling and tearing others down, it just...makes it harder!
It took me 2 mentorships, 3 books queried over 4 years, and PLENTY of rejection before I got an agent.

If I’d chosen bitterness and resentment, I would have burned bridges and alienated friends, but instead, I have an amazing and supportive group of writers in my life.
Alas, no one owes anyone a book deal. And this industry, like any other, is made up of *people.*

People usually prefer working with others who are somewhat pleasant, generally positive, and appreciative of others’ efforts.

(Psst—Twitter is public. They can see you.)
Just. Maybe. Try it?

Cheer someone on instead of bitching about their success!

Say “I wasn’t 100% satisfied w/XYZ, but I recognize their efforts!”

Start by assuming good intentions instead of going nuclear!

Fake it til you make it!
Disclaimer: NUANCE EXISTS. I’m not saying be Suzy Sunshine or support toxic ppl or be a doormat.

If your response to this thread is to get indignant... maybe don’t? Bc if today’s the day that “try to be nice and not burn bridges” becomes controversial, we’re doomed.
Consider this loving advice from Your Book Twitter Mom 💛
(Note- this is not a specific subtweet so don’t bother playing twitter detective. I could literally post this thread every single day and it would always be relevant. Always...)
I think this is the part where I’m supposed to plug something, SO!

If you’d enjoy a YA fantasy about a savior *trying* to be positive despite being TERRIBLE at her job, and the sexy grumpy bodyguard who isn’t helping (or is he???👀) Add TLF on GR!😘 https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/53241038-the-last-finestra
(FTR, my debut was borne of querying angst: an MC trying so. darn. hard. but afraid she just can't pull it off, who needs someone to believe in her, etc. Plus banter and cat jokes and swoons! 💛

Writing it was joyfully cathartic for me, and I hope reading it will be for others)
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