Like most spaces, energy sector is also often viewed being largely dominated by cishet men. But women are also now occupying this space in #Pakistan and are owning it as they do so
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Women in Energy @PkWomenInEnergy and @wirectsok are orgs based in Pakistan.
@PkWomenInEnergy was created to build a strong network of women in the country's energy sector and fostering a culture of career and leadership development

#SofaTakeOver #betd2020 @GWNET #GreenDeal
It is significant to mention the 4-day ‘Female #SolarEngineers and Technicians Training’ held by @PkWomenInEnergy in August 2019 and January 2020 in partnership with local company Shams Power, conceptualized by Rehana Aziz

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Trainees were provided with an understanding of various types of solar systems
There were site visits to rooftop solar installd at Metro Cash & Carry, specially designed for them gain practical knowledge of solar site installations
#SofaTakeOver #betd2020 @PkWomenInEnergy @GWNET
According to @NamHameed

“The need for such training arises when female professionals find it difficult to avail limited opportunities or are discouraged from working on-site.”

#SofaTakeOver #betd2020 @PkWomenInEnergy @GWNET
“We believe this introductory training gave young professionals an intro to practical skills that would make them stronger candidates,” @NamHameed added

#SofaTakeOver #betd2020 @PkWomenInEnergy @GWNET
The training paved following results:

* 1/3 trainees offered jobs within 1 month.
* Sponsoring company recruited their first female engineer after the training.
* Training Expansion to other cities in Pakistan

#SofaTakeOver #betd2020 @PkWomenInEnergy @GWNET
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