Pompeo's China attacks increasingly unhinged, & now on environment from fossil fuel guzzlers? At 4 times US population, China's per capita carbon emission less than half US, 7th in the world. Global pollution making stuff moved to China. #Paris #renewableenergy @AttenboroughSir https://twitter.com/thecyrusjanssen/status/1305865227720962050
2) So what have we learnt from @thecyrusjanssen's video? 2016 Carbon Dioxide Co2 EMISSIONS per capita:
1) US – 14.95t
2) Canada – 14.91t
3) South Korea – 11.50t
4) Russia – 9.97t
5) Japan – 9.04t
6) Germany – 8.88t
7) China – 6.57t https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxEQsjgRRfGWiJJu_PDygxw

1) Lifted 800 million out of poverty
2) China planted 122 million trees in 2019 alone.
3) World leader in creating electricity from renewable energy sources
4) Largest electric car market >>>
4) Point 5) One third of world’s new vegetation comes from China and India (Carbon Brief)
6) China is the world-wide leader in aforestation means planting trees where there were none before, reducing deserts.
5) Point 7) China plans to plant at least 84,000 square kilometres (32,400 square miles) of trees by the end of the year (starting 2018), roughly the size of Ireland. Aims to increase the country’s forest coverage from 21% of its landmass to 23% by 2020.
6) Electricity production & transport:
1) In 2017, over 36% of China’s electricity came from renewable sources.
2) With over 700 million added to the middle class, the carbon footprint will increase. So China pours resources into sustaining a renewable source of energy. >>>
7) Point 3) China has roughly 3.4 million electric or hybrid vehicles, nearly 50 per cent of global electronic car market.
4) It has 82 per cent of the world’s fast-charging stations. The US has 5 per cent.
5) Most of the world’s 500,000 electric buses are in China. >>>
8) Point 5 cont'd) The bus fleets in a number of China’s city centres are near-fully or fully electrified, contributing to improving air quality. Santiago in Chile is home to the largest electric urban bus fleet outside of China. >>>
9) China remains committed to the Paris Agreement and is on track to meet these goals by 2030.
In contrast, Donald Trump pulled the US out and has increased the production of fossil fuels.
Don't forget that China greatly contributed to US growth over the past 30 years. >>>
10) Some of the biggest US corporations make more than 40% of their profits from sales & services in China alone: Apple, Microsoft, Nike, Starbucks, Goldman Sachs, Coke, McDonalds etc. China was a boon to US & Australian farming & Oz mining, saving both from the US's 2008 crash.
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