witchcraft is not all love and light. your whitewashed spiriruality is NOT what witchcraft is. there is shadow work, negative energies, dark magic. you CANNOT JUST E R A S E that to fit your quirky "I'm a baby witch hehe" aesthetic. learn it all you want, work with only light
magic all you want. but you cannot just get rid of an entire aspect of witchcraft??? it is also dark and can be used to be harmful, acknowledge that. learning it means learning about all of it, it's history, and even the "bad" things about it. like, obeah can be good OR bad.
it is not just one and it never will be bc the world needs balance. so put your knock-off it's only ✨love n light✨ somewhere else, PLEASE. work with what you want, but you must acknowledged all of it.
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