Scrolling through Twitter just makes me depressed about the state of journalism - you see the collapse in norms of behaviour - the tossing aside of any pretence of impartiality by many though not all

I mean of course journalists have personal opinions but in the past they would have made an effort to suppress them - that's now more and more at risk as opinion pushing has taken over from fact reporting

Sadly this flows from a broken business model - the newspapers especially used to rely on paper sales and advertising - but the internet came along and blew that up - so instead they have all scurried into their audience corners

But more importantly has been the blatant response to Trump and Brexit - which many in the media have taken as an attack on their worldview - instead of reporting the facts many have taken it upon themselves to become political activists

You see this most obviously with the liberal papers like the Guardian, FT, Economist etc which have tossed any pretence of impartiality aside - it's actually both embarrassing for them and shaming for the profession at large

They couldn't cope with the public challenging their worldview and have since been on a slow but continuous negative attack on the projects and and voters - it's been very insidious and very unpleasant to watch and read

Regardless this is serious as trust has collapsed - people don't even bother interacting with the media - why bother when you feel you'll just be insulted - we need to accept that we will need to pay but demand more - democracy can't function without shared facts

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