That time of the year where students look for reference letters for applying for PhD abroad. A short thread on academics doing well, having done their PhD's in India (within past 20-odd years). Foreign PhDs are great. Indian too. #AtmaNirbharAcademia
Reetika Khera, Economist, PhD from Delhi School of Economics, now at IIT Delhi (former colleague at IIMA). Expert on social policies. Only 3000+ citations to her work but more importantly, there's also a Wikipedia page.
Harini Nagendra, Ecologist, PhD from IISc in 1998, now at APU Bengaluru. Only 150+ peer reviewed papers, 11K citations + stellar books such as 'Nature in the City'.
So think twice before applying abroad. IIMA is a great place to do a PhD in so many diverse fields. Do apply :)
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