Once again, I feel nothing but shame that the people I used to call friends in the ‘sceptic movement’ are silent over the @jk_rowling affair. Or worse, openly hostile to her.
Currently, she is being hounded and treated like a monster because of her latest book - which no-one has read. It contains one small passage where someone recalls an attempted abduction attempt where the murderer was disguising himself.
This is evidence (which no-one has read) that she is a transphobic bigot who treats all people with trans identities as if they are abusers, rapists and murderers.

It is now taken as a fact. This one small passage has led to this.
Of course, the reason this hounding is taking place is because @jk_rowling has written about trans issues. (With nothing but compassion of course). But has highlighted two main things:

(1)The need for sex-based rights for women.
(2) The lack of evidence and troubling rush to medicalise children with dysphoria rather than take a more circumspect approach.

This is in line with current psychological evidence and concerns.
But the new ‘compassionate’ scepticsm is ignoring this, and denouncing anyone (like me) who does speak out, cancelling scientists from sceptic talks who share these evidence-based views and wallowing the pseudo-science of ‘sex is a spectrum’.

Useless, failed and cowardly bunch.
All it would take is a simple statement:

“The hounding of @jk_rowling is wrong. It is absurd to construe her latest book as ‘transphobic’. And she is correct to fight for women’s rights and good evidence in paediatric care of children with dysphoria”.

Why do they not?
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