Fringe Theory Research thread on the mysteries & fantastical origins of the Rh- blood type.
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Genetic Markers HLA-B27 and HLA-B27*05

Only 7% of the US population tests positive for the HLA-B27 gene; This gene, found in only in persons with Rh-neg blood, can trigger the immune system to operate overtime at WARP SPEED in times of medical emergency.
Randall Johnson at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston said "that if you have the HLA-B27 gene, you cannot ever contract the AIDS virus even if you're exposed to it."

"Carriers of the HLA-B27 gene do not have the right kind of proteins in the body for the virus to bind with."
You will notice that many DNA studies on line ONLY track the SERPENT BLOODLINES with the Rh Negative blood factor.

Some say the royal “Blue Bloods” are a hybrid human reptilian bloodline with Neanderthal DNA.

Science tells us that the red hair DNA did not originate with human beings but was Neanderthal DNA.
If this is true, they are not the original bloodline on earth and worse than that they have demonic reptilian DNA flowing through their veins.
It would appear that the Hindus ancient history is wrapped round spiritual traditions that occurred, not in the ancient Indian subcontinent, but thousands of miles northward at the North Pole region, which ancient peoples referred to as Hyperborea, the Land of the Gods.
The ancient histories of all the major nations and religions on earth mention a time when several races of mankind lived in a temperate paradise at what is now the North Pole.

All ancient races referred to Hyperborea as a paradise, a “GARDEN OF EDEN,” region.
These legends tell us that the Scandinavian race was the original race in Hyperborea until the gods came down and started to rape and manipulate the DNA of the original Scandinavians creating hybrid races of genetically altered human beings.
These evil gods began a human hybrid program in Hyperborea, which is eerily similar to what was being described in Genesis Chapter 6.
This chapter in the Old Testament describes the “Fallen Angels or Watchers” who we refer to today as the Nordic Aryan Alien “ Fallen Watchers.”

These evil fallen demonic entities came into our three-dimensional world to rape woman and tampered with human DNA.
All cultures also speak of reptilian gods who created a hybrid race of kings and queens that sat on the thrones of all ancient kingdoms that can be tracked back to ancient Sumer Babylon in Iraq.
According to Jesus (Yashua) he and his creative forces, which were known as the Aeons or the “Watchers” created the earth and all life on earth originally.

This original race of human beings was created to look like the Watchers aka good angels or guardian angels.
Then the souls or spirit beings from heaven were fused into these bodies and Real Man (Soul) became a physical being (operated from inside the body) created by the Watchers.
At some point part of the group known as the “Watchers” fell from grace and became the “Fallen Watchers” or what we call the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” today.

Once the “Fallen Watchers” entered the picture things changed.
Another group of evil entities entered our three dimensional world that were created by Yaldabaoth the Demiurge, they were reptilian entities.
One of these entities was known as Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge, who was one of the 6 sons of god Yaldabaoth the Demiurge, is the evil entity the Judah Jews worshipped.

The Israelites worshipped the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” or the Elohim.
Once the physical bodies had been created these evil artisans known as the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” and the “Reptilians were able to rape and clone human DNA.
Allegedly British Royal Family also came from the lowest of the low class as did the Blue Bloods of Europe to rule Europe.

These Blue Blood families are said to have stolen THE DIVINE RIGHT TO RULE the world from their Scandinavian predecessors before recorded history.
The British Royals and Blue Bloods of Europe appear to be a bloodline of people with Scandinavian DNA and the DNA of a dark race who may have been the “Sea People.”
The Royals and “Blue Bloods” can be tracked back to the Lost Tribe of Dan and Cain in the Old Testament who are described as having had red hair and green-eyes.

They are also referred to as the “Serpent Bloodline” or “Reptilian Bloodline.”
The Bloodline of Cain or Dan migrated into Europe from the Mediterranean Sea into Spain, France and the British Isles with the aid of the “Sea People.”
Those who believe “Alien Agenda’s” believe that the demonic entities we wrongly call Aliens today, created human beings.
The Viking Y-DNA Project was initiated in Stockholm in December 2004 as an offshoot of the Scandinavian Y-DNA Project.

(NOTE: I wonder if this relates in any way to the "Y-FAMILY". See Q-drops #189 & 194.)
The project noticed that many Americans of Norman, English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish ancestry are quite obviously of Scandinavian descent, although they do not have any family records or other official documents to prove it.
With the help of genetic testing many of them might soon be able to link up with their Scandinavian siblings and the kin of their forefathers.
See: Three Ancient M222 y-dna Samples Found in Viking Study
What is Panda Blood?

Rh-negative (A) blood type, is called "Panda Blood" by the Chinese people, because of its extreme scarcity, like the Panda. Among the majority Han ethnic population, only 3 out of every 1,000 have Rh-negative blood, and even fewer are A type (Rh-).
There are certain noticeable characteristics that a majority of people with Rh Negative Blood seem to share in common.
Individuals with the Rh-Negative Factor are believed to possess greater psychic abilities.

It is a supernatural ability given to Rh-Negative individuals as a condition of their blood factor.
Rh-Negative are more attuned to psychic awareness and this may be because Rh Negative people posses a genetic factor apart from this world and that they were descended from a crossbreeding of humans and a kind of cosmic astronaut.
Scientists find Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA
A group of researchers working at the Human Genome Project indicate that they made an astonishing scientific discovery: 97% non-coding sequences in human DNA is no less than genetic code of extraterrestrial life forms.
Hyperboreans: An Ancient Alien Race that lived on Earth
The word Hyperboreans comes from ancient Greek and means “beyond the North Wind or North Pole“. In this fabulous kingdom of eternal spring the sun shone 24 hours a day, but it was practically impossible to get there because this region was protected by huge transparent ice walls.
Nor could it be accessed by conventional means of transport, since this enigmatic “paradise” was guarded by powerful races of demigods called Hyperboreans.
This civilization has been described in many cultures as very tall beings, with blue, blond eyes and very white skin, having a very well developed and organized society.
One of their many talents is the arts, as well as science. Its inhabitants live in a state of permanent light and love, in fact, it is a race that has always lived free from war.
Here the concept of work used to be second to none. Its genetics do not know old age or disease. They are highly psychic beings.
Another part of Greek history connects the Hyperboreans with the foundation of several important religious sanctuaries in ancient Greece, and it is also said in their writings that the planet is connected by TUNNELS all over the interior of our planet.
This ancient breed has the same origin as the Atlantean and Lemurian, of extraterrestrial origin. It is said that even today a part of this civilization remains hidden inside the planet.
Scientists have confirmed that there are openings in the poles and that they might be serving as entrances to a hidden world, and given this theory, the ancient Greek legend would make sense.
Not all Hyperboreans disappeared in the great catastrophe, a part of their society was safe from the impending destruction of their civilization.
This happened before the two continents -Lemuria and Atlantida- and the Hyperboreal region were swallowed by the waters by a change in the position of the Earth’s axis.
For a while, they prepared their emigration to the interior of the planet, one of those places is Mount Shasta in California.
And another part of these descendants, over time, in the course of our history of mankind came to the surface and adapted to different parts of the world migrating to more southern lands.
An ancient Tibetan tradition says that:

“The White Island (Hyperborea) is the only place that escaped the general destiny of all the continents after the catastrophe. It cannot be destroyed by water or fire since it is the Eternal Earth. ”
Legendary Pre-Flood Civilizations
The legendary pre-flood civilizations like Atlantis, Thule, and Hyperborea were said to have been built on highly advanced science and technology, with a possibly direct connection with what is happening now around the world.
Sir Francis Bacon, a key leader in the Rosicrucians which later became known as the Illuminati, planned for America to become the “New Atlantis” and the center of the New World Order about a hundred years before America became a nation.
To better understand the occult connections between antediluvian civilizations, such as Atlantis or Thule, and modern times, it becomes necessary to review the accounts of those who supposedly established these civilizations.
In the pre-Flood world of Noah, it is written that there was interspecies breeding going on between the “sons of God,” or the B’nai Elohim and mortal human women.
The ancient rabbinic scholars believed that the term “sons of God” specifically referred to fallen angels and this was in fact the teaching of the early church for several hundred years.
The offspring of these fallen angels procreating with human women where called the Nephilim.
Much of these stories have been effectively suppressed for centuries and banned from inclusion in later versions of the Bible, but have been recently re-discovered; for example in passages from The Book of Enoch.
There are numerous other universal mythologies of pre-Flood civilizations that speak of these god men coming from the stars and seeding the human race.
In addition, traditional theories of evolution are starting to be replaced by a “new” understanding that the humanity on Earth was likely seeded by beings from other worlds.
Anomalies which may indicate highly advanced pre-Flood civilizations include the monolithic monuments that survived the Flood which ended the Pleistocene era, as well as massive architectural wonders such as the pyramids, Sphinx and the Incan and Mayan monuments.
Many of these structures could only have been built with math and coordination belonging to a high civilization, and technology that is superior to that which was said to be available.
One of the forces supposedly used by certain groups in these pre-Flood times was a mysterious life energy, that the Nazis re-discovered, called the Vril force.
The Vril force, the energy fields studied by Nicola Tesla, and what is now called scalar technology are based on similar theories deriving from quantum mechanics.
Scalar technology is a product or products that have been infused or embedded with scalar waves. It's a unique energy signal that when properly infused into products, enables them to be more effective as well as elevate your energy on a cellular level.
The implications of continuing to develop scalar field theory and its practical applications could dramatically change the course of the world and society.
Possibilities for the beneficial use of scalar energy include:

-clean, “free” energy technology to replace coal and oil fuel sources

-the ability to transmute elements, including radioactive waste into inert substance
-harnessing gravitic forces to create anti-gravity aircraft for space travel

-using scalar carrier waves to deliver “perfect DNA” information to stimulate physical healing from any illness
Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor, physicist, electrical engineer, and the inventor of radio and the alternating current (AC), accidentally rediscovered scalar waves while experimenting with violently abrupt direct current (DC) electrical charges.
Tesla’s experiments were building on German physicist proof of electromagnetic theories.
By 1904, Tesla had developed transmitters to move scalar energy back and forth while bypassing time and space with no need for wires, as it would simply materialize from one place to another through hyperspace.
Unfortunately, he never received funding to continue his research to develop scalar technology enough to replace current forms of electricity.
It is widely believed that Tesla never received funding because his discoveries were a threat to the profits of the huge energy industries of the time.
Tesla had found a way to do what these industries were doing, but far better, faster, and with less expense to the consumer, because they didn’t require the use of oil, coal or even wires.
Tesla even discovered a way to use scalar to create a “superweapon”, which was called a “death ray” (or peace ray) by the press at that time.
These weapons have been built in secrecy by various governments since Tesla’s death, & Tesla’s scalar became the basis for modern Directed-Energy Weapon (DEW) technology that can destroy undetected from a long distance using charged particle beams sourced from energy in the air.
Eugenicists were particularly concerned about perceived social and biological degeneration, which they sought to counteract by state intervention to reverse negative demographic trends, replacing it with biological rejuvenation.
The ‘blood & soil’ mythology, in addition to a whole range of modern techniques aimed at improving the health of the nation, helped to create a new political biology, whose purpose it was to prepare the ‘chosen’ race at the expense of others for the onset of racial utopia.
The Polish eugenic movement was dominated by left-wing and liberal advocates of state welfare; it tended to be class-rather than race-oriented, and generally abstained from anti-Semitic and racist phraseology.
As eugenics and racial anthropology tend to be popularly associated with National Socialism and the far right, it may be helpful to keep in mind that the early eugenic movement included political positions from across the political spectrum.
In Sweden, for instance, the eugenic project included representatives from the authoritarian right to liberals, progressives, and radical socialists, whereas Soviet racial anthropologists in the 1920s sought to reconcile eugenics with official Marxist ideology.
A pioneer in state eugenics in Sweden, set up a State Institute for Racial Biology in 1921.
Operating within a conceptual framework of völkisch nationalism, during the first decade of its existence, the institute was preoccupied with the aim of preserving the quality of the nation’s racial stock.
Under its first director, Herman Lundborg (1868–1943), a primary focus was to document and categorize population sub-groups according to phenotypes within a conceptual framework of racial purity.
Racial anthropology, or “Racial biology” was closely associated with “racial hygiene,” or “racial culture” and in some European languages the terms were used interchangeably.
The terms eugenics and racial biology, were used for the theoretical and practical aspects of the same discipline: “racial hygiene (eugenics) constitutes, so to say, the practical implementation of racial biology.”
Racial anthropology, or racial hygiene also had direct applications in political platforms of various nationalist ideologues and organizations across Europe.

The Ukrainian nationalist movement was no exception in this regard.
Racial and eugenic thought started to enter Ukrainian nationalist thought at the turn of the twentieth century, as Ukrainian national and ethnic consciousness was taking hold.
In the interwar period, the more moderate strand in Ukrainian nationalism, to which Matiushenko belonged, would be challenged by more radical currents.
One of the portal figures of this radicalism, Mykola Mikhnovs’kyi, endorsed revolutionary violence as a means to establish an ethnically defined Greater Ukraine.
Humanism & democracy was denounced as leading to mediocrity & degeneration, & associating it with Jews & freemasonry.
Instead history was conceptualized in social Darwinist terms as a struggle between “master races” and “plebeian races,” between “nation-carrying” & “provincial peoples.”
Dontsov called for a new concept of heroism, a “new man” of “burning faith and a heart of stone” who would mercilessly destroy their ethnic enemies.
It was theorized that the respective subgroups also possessed a “racial soul,” reflected in their emotional traits and religious beliefs, characterizing the Nordic types as cold and clear-thinking, self-controlled, domineering, and lacking in empathy and human feelings,
whereas he portrayed the Alpine racial type as tainted by an over representation of sneaky, perverted petty criminals.
Dontsov explained the misfortunes of the Ukrainians by its substandard racial qualities of its people, and, in particular, of its political elite.
In the civic and political life the sole dream of the [representatives of the] Ostisch [racial group] is state welfare, hence his love for government positions, pensions, for socialism and bureaucracy, [societies] where everybody works for the government….
He hates all expressions of greatness – talent, geniality, extraordinary individuality…. The Ostische thinks within the parochial framework of his family, community, parish, village or province – the ‘limits of his fatherland is too far from his own limited vision.’ …
[The Ostische] are characterized by ‘resentment,’ complex of inferiority complex, hinaufgassen” – that is, hatred of everything greater than themselves, everything heroic and noble.
🤔 Hmm, that sounds exactly like Liberals, Antifa, BLM, FAKE NEWS MSM & Democrats right now.
The Ukrainian Military Organization (Ukrains’ka Viis’kova Orhanizatsiia, UVO) was established in 1921 by Ukrainian war veterans who, disillusioned with democracy, sought to set up a Ukrainian state through armed struggle.
The OUN policed the sexual and reproductive life of its imagined community, which it understood in biological and spiritual terms.
Organized, in accordance with Dontsovian ideology, like an order, the organization condensed its biopolitical postulates in terms of violent, mystical, quasi-religious doctrines.
Interactions with other races was characterized as “a crime of national treason,” which would lead to “degeneration” and therefore needed to be banned.
Practical guidelines to direct the Nationalist vanguard in the most intimate aspects on life was one thing; bringing about their revolutionary, Ukrainian ethno-state would require state planning and eugenic engineering on a grand scale.
From there, Nationalist ideologues began to envision & implement their doctrines.
Nationalists normalized a radical belief that Jews-

- are from a political perspective a hostile element,

-from a socio-economic perspective parasitic,

-from a cultural and national perspective harmful,
-from a moral and ideological perspective corruptive,

-&, from a racial perspective, unsuitable for mixing and assimilation.
Martynets’ pondered five methods to solve the “Jewish problem”-

-racial-national isolation,
-agrarianization or settling on the land,
-and ‘complete isolation’
"All of the options combined will decrease their current strength, stop their expansion in our country, assure their continuous decline in numbers, not only through emigration, but also through the decline of their natural growth rate."
As the Jews will not be able to make a living, this problem will take care of itself.

If Martynets, had proposed “total isolation” of its Jews, Kolodzins’kyi now called for a partial extermination of minorities “who are hostile to Ukr[ainian] independence.
The fury of the Ukrainian people towards the Jews will be particularly horrific,” he continued. “We have no need to hamper this rage; on the contrary, we need to increase it, since the more Jews killed during the uprising, the better for the Ukrainian state,
because the Jews will be the only minority, which we will not be able to envelop through our denationalizing policies. All other minorities who will remain alive after the uprising, we will denationalize”
This thread has become quite disorganized but every topic in this thread is relevant to current events and offers possible explanation or motive of the insanity we are witnessing. I'll leave it at that for now & will pick this up again after I sleep.
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