Justice for SSR is loosing its momentum cos of following reasons n it s heartbreaking to see this after 3 months long struggle....
1) Ego issues over HTs
2) Multiple groups n admins for same goal (Justice for SSR) s dividing ppl n confusing them whom to follow
3) multiple fake SSR fan accounts which r planted by PR who r trying to pull down the actual Fans of SSR who r in tHis fight right from the beginning
4) We r stopping n throwing stones on every dog barking against SSR, while doing so we r loosing our focus.
4) Many celebrities r coming up n giving statements delebrately to divert our attention n we r falling for it....Y should we even care what they say as long as we know the truth who is on the right side?
I feel following could be done in order to avoid the tragic end of this movement. Request all SSRians to let me know if these feels sensible n doable...
1) Follow the HT decided by family
2)Follow oly one group n avoid confusions
3) STOP reacting on each n every negative comments on SSR by retweeting or commenting. We ll spread the positivity of SSR instead n nullify the negativity.
4)N please don't react on what celebrities comments, We know they ignored us when we needed them..now its our turn to ignore
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We can't let this movement of justice to loose it's momentum when we have come so far in this journey.......
N for d cunning act of fake fan account , I would request all SSRians to check d credibility of such account n also check d person he/she is accusing 4m when dat person has joined d movement. We have to b alert on fake accusations...these r delebarate efforts to break our morale
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