Q: ’I’d like to know what people think about applying to grad school this cycle given that your interview weekends are going to be virtual- is it worth it to wait until you can get a better idea of the lab culture?" #GradRecruitWeek
If you're ready to go to #GradSchool, then apply this cycle. There is no point in postponing because we don't know what's going to happen in the next couple of years in so many ways. #GradRecruitWeek
For example, a professor who you want to work with and has an open position for a grad student now might not have another position next year. (But other labs will open spaces so maybe that's not a loss.) #GradRecruitWeek
As far getting an up-close experience of the lab culture, yes, it's undeniably easier to do in person, but there is nothing to stop you from doing virtual interviews with current and former members of any labs you want to join. #GradRecruitWeek
And this: If you do join a lab with a toxic culture, even in grad school, You. Can. Leave. The lab, the department, or grad school and reapply elsewhere. Granted, it's not easy but it's not a career-killer, either. Read this for inspiration https://bit.ly/3hocAVp  by @PracheeAC
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