Hardly even worth getting angry at these videos, they're not aimed at non-voters or third party voters, they're aimed at people who are already voting for the Democrats to provide ammo for explaining away a loss as the fault of the Green Party or w/e https://twitter.com/marcformarc/status/1305682975217025024
It's become increasingly difficult to talk about the reasons people don't vote at all without it turning into a classist attack on marginalized communities. This framing allows for blaming a hypothetical loss on anyone but the party and the campaign. They do it every year.
Every four years, I mean
Meanwhile, as I wrote for @the_lineca yesterday, Trump has a number of paths to victory, none of which realistically include a third party surge.

But a lackluster Biden campaign and voter suppression will do it. https://theline.substack.com/p/eoin-higgins-yes-trump-could-win
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