The Artemis server is the anti-spacex (mostly starship) circle jerk.

on anything else they're fine but whenever you bring up anything related to starship you're instantly berated with everything under the sun, some of it just outright false, and they go out of their way to. 1/6
criticize almost everything spacex does for literally no reason. They have to use extreme mental gymnastics to get literally anything through, over use even the smallest of problems, and completely ignore the great things both Starship and SpaceX as a whole have already done. 2/6
On top of that now there are people in the server who outright call you an idiot for even saying something negative about SLS or literally any other rocket, yet when you dare say a good thing about starship you are shut down. Heck, even if you want to talk about the... 3/6
hopes of the program ($2m starship, crewed missions, mars missions, etc) you are called crazy for even thinking about those, like let a man fucking have a moment to think about what would happen if that was the case instead of shutting down all discussion when you mention it. 4/6
In the end, the very thing I've seen from them that defines them the most, is the insistence that they are the real spaceflight fans and that other places like even space subreddits are spacex shill subs. They claim to be the sane fans of spaceflight. 5/6
But I've come to realize they are no different from the people they claim to criticize, they are absolute shills who are stuck in their tribal bubble.

Whatever happened to #TeamSpace

Whatever happened to just All Rockets good

Nope, just more shit heads. 6/6

Not every single person in the server is like this, many are actually really great, infact there's many people that work at NASA, both on SLS and several other projects and many of them are delightful people. But I'm sick of the server regulars who just group jerk.
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