Someone flicked a cigarette butt and started a new fire less than a mile from my house. Dozers, air attack, our rural fire departments are responding. Standing on the porch and watching retardant drop on my neighbors is not what I had planned for Taco Tuesday. #OnlyYou
They have an hour to stop forward movement before they'll evacuate us, maybe less.
It sounds like they've stopped the advance.. It's burning on BLM land that burned in the #CarrFire two years ago, and they hit it so hard. Everyone around here knows what a new fire start means. I still won't sleep tonight.
This 2018 photo of my neighborhood was taken before the #CarrFire was contained. Those of us who have come to use the word "our" instead of "the" in front of the word "fire" are a quickly growing community.
We are living in a #ClimateEmergency and you can't log the chaparral and knob cone pines to make us safe.
For my #jrranger, for your #jrrangers, for the grandkids we might one day want to take hiking or camping or with whom we might float down rivers... I am begging you to register to vote and to #vote for people who believe in science.
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