Hey something hit me today.... when did we notice a difference with the Sun?

When was Space Force activated in the Middle East?

“Morning Sun brings Heat”

They went to do the “Swap” with Lockheed’s Solar Simulator because our pole shift is complete
Couple months ago there was 2 weeks where I was just sick to my stomach. There’s only one way I get sick like that. Motion sickness We were moving from the Y axis to the X Axis.

Think Chromosomes. Mother Earth is back. XX is female. XY is male.
Believe me. Digging has opened up completely new advanced info that the previous “asshole” me wouldn’t know. And yes. I can speak fluent sarcasm....in cursive no less.

I look forward to trolls on here.

There’s one reason it’s posted. It’s been checked numerous times
Here to dig for one thing and that was a thing called Truth. Nobody in the world spends the hours that we put into this.
It’s all I do. From when I wake up (🤣) to when it’s time to recharge. They have the times that we are on the internet searching on devices.
Easily. Way easily over 90-100 hours a week. (Safe bet is the over for the Draft King junkies 😛)

Began in December of 2017.

For anyone that thinks Field McConnell is bad....

Who do you think was the first podcast I listened to was...Abel Danger. They are 3 hrs long
So I just kept solid notes and cross checked with the US Patent office and 👍🏻.

Oh and multitasking is a must here.

While Jr was on everyone’s mind... went ahead and grabbed Sr and Patrick for the hat trick. 3-6-9
Think BIG

Go in reverse order of Birth.
John John

Who was our “Stealth Bomber”

Who was on the plane with Junior?
Caroline.... and?

Lauren Bessette. Haven’t seen her mentioned have you.... she was more powerful than
Jr and Caroline... together.

She worked in China and spoke fluent Mandarin.

Oh and one more thing.... remember... JFK Sr STILL can serve one more term.

Nothing says if your clone is shot in your first term and you come back later does it exclude you. 😉
And for those that still say cloning is bullshit....

They were doing it in the 30’s.

Look at the code for S.

SS is a DNA molecule.

Why did Hitler create Blonde Hair Blue Eyed Germans? A “Master Race”? And call them the SS?
Dominant German genetics was brown hair brown eyes

They knew which was which.

Blue eyed blonde SS Soldier?

One of the clones created in Antarctica. He had a Battalion of em. 500 at the start.

So WHO won WW2 again?

Who got the Nazi scientists?
Winners don’t pick Losers (this excludes in the dating arena... that learning curve is a bitch)

Writing it out and posting it can’t get popped.... think memetics....

Yeah. Memes is short for Memetics... an actual Military operation.

Why did we all take the oath?

Boom Boom
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