A GA doctor who saw patients from @ICEGov’s Irwin jail has been forcibly removing people’s wombs without their consent — sterilizing them. Here’s what you need to know. THREAD:
This act of forced sterilization is abuse. White supremacists have used forced sterilization against people of color for centuries, and this is simply a continuation of these heinous practices. Once again, we see that white supremacist tactics run rampant in this agency. 2/
We can’t let this systemic abuse continue on our watch. Immigration officials have shown time and time again that they are unable and unwilling to guarantee the safety of people who came to this country seeking respite. 3/
It is how we react to moments like these that will determine the kind of future our country will have. We must fight for a country where our values of compassion and care triumph over cruelty and white supremacy. 4/
Take our pledge now if you’re ready to join this fight. #FreeTheFamilies http://familiesbelongtogether.org/pledge  End/
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