THREAD: Part 2 - Pelosi's Salon 'SETUP' - The CON, Trump's 'Puzzle' & Conan the Dog

Be sure to read Part 1 before continuing - very important. I'll add a link back here at the end of that thread.
2) If you read Part 1 of this thread, you are familiar with the 13 Day Marker and [their] obsession with the number 13.

You also know by now that MSM delivers two things:

1) propaganda for us
2) comms for [them]
4) Look at the dates & numbers in that article. How many 13s did you find?

Now take a look at this tweet by POTUS.

Our focus is 'puzzle'.
5) Erica Kious' interview with Tucker Carlson.

Tucker's words:
diabolical setup

'Her' words:
booked the appointment

What do you SEE at 1:38, 1:50 & 3.14?

> Room 228
7) Room 228 just happens to be portrayed as part of The Grange Hotel.

What do you SEE?
8) Is The Grange Hotel a real hotel?

Why yes, yes it is.

Located in the UK. Is this where Pelosi's team "booked the appointment"?

For who? The next FF martyr? 
10) Let's look at these numbers.


31 mirrored = 13

Who donated to this? Patriots.
11) So - is Pelosi herself relocating or is she relocating someone else?

Do you understand the full gravity of what [they] just did here?

Do you really think this was the first time?

Are you mad yet?

Damn well should be.

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