This is baked into the DNA of U.S. TV reporting and it has to change. Blitzer lets Kushner shamelessly deflect on this critical question. They need to interrupt and insist on getting an answer. Kushner is a public official. He is answerable to the public via the media
It's like he's a royal prince or something. The default approach of the highest profile members of the U.S. press corp shows more deference than a regular BBC reporter will show to literal royalty—people whose main job is cutting ribbons. Watch the BBC interview of Prince Andrew
"Oh you didn't see your father in law tweet that his opponent is a pedophile. OK we'll put it on the screen and I'll read it to you. Do you agree that's acceptable? No Jared, I'm going to have to interrupt you: is that acceptable? Sorry Jared you're not answering the question"
It's not that hard, but you have to accept that they're not going to like you. And that's the fundamental problem. Blitzer sees himself as mixing in the same stratum and having a 'relationship' with these literal corrupt criminals
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