The normalized racism and appropriation towards Polynesians, especially Native Hawaiians in the kpop industry - a thread
Before starting this thread, I will explain the mocking of hula which is the main appropriation I will be showing in this thread.

Hula is not just the stereotype of wavy arms and moving hips, it is a art that has been around for centuries, it's how we Native Hawaiians 1/2
2/2 tell stories. We did not write our language or stories down until colonizers came and made us, so one of the ways we told stories and myths was through hula. this art means a lot to us and should not be mocked.
A lot of the things I will be tackling are mentioned in this video. Original video credit to daeguud
First, Cherry Bullet's "Aloha `Oe" this song, not only this songs originally from our last Hawaiian royalty, Queen Lili`uokalani this song holds a very strong meaning to Native Hawaiians, it is a song about our *Passed loved ones* making this a copy of a song about *grieving.*
Tw mention of guns

The reason our last queen means so much to us Native Hawaiians is because she fought hard to keep this land ours and not american land. She was held at a gunpoint to give up them kingdom, and ILLEGALLY annexed in them own castle
In this video you can also hear that they used the original songs chorus, sped it up and added it into their own chorus.
G IDLE's "Aloha Dance" not only are they referring to their so called hula the aloha dance, the background is our traditional Hawaiian art style.
G IDLE Improper use of kupe'e "Wrist leis" these kupe'e are fake, and they wear it without any cultural significance - video
SUPER JUNIOR mocking hula. not only do they do this racist mockery, they do it on HAWAIIAN LAND, with ukuleles, fake leis and aloha shirts on. Refer to my first tweets in this thread to understand why this is wrong.
WONHO dancing hula in a pineapple suit - the mocking of hula wrong, pineapples are not even a Hawaiian fruit. the man who started the pineapple farms in Hawai`i helped annex our queen. It is a very harmful stereotype.
WONHO found dancing hula again at a fanmeet. He is seen putting on a lei while starting to wave his arms. Its mocking our traditions.
TWICE Chaeyoung, Momo, Jihyo and Dahyun wrongly stereotyping Hawaiians with plastic fake leis, ukuleles, surfboards and "hula" arms
BTS at a fake luau doing stereotypical hula. Adding to this luau, I visited it when I was a child. Its fake and not accurate at all, its only there for tourists to be brainwashed about our culture.
BTS at the same luau, showing Hoseok / JHope and one other member not shown mocking the ladies doing hula, and you can also see hoseok faking the Hawaiian lyrics which is very offensive.
SOOBIN & ARINS hawaiian couple dance. Stage decor is stereotypical. Plumeria flower too is stereotypical. Though yes, we do wear them, its not even a Hawaiian flower.
TWICE Chaeyoung mocking hula. Not only is she mocking the dance, she is also doing this on HAWAIIAN LAND.
LOONA Jinsoul during whisper challenge shown giving hints to the word hula with the stereotype of big moving hips.
EXO doing improper use of Māori haka. the words mean nothing in Māori and it is disrespectful.
NCT 127 sampling Haka in their song "Simon Says" Improper use of a art of chanting and it's offensive.
NCT predebut Ten, Doyoung and Taeil(?) found speaking about Hawaiian stereotypes, then Doyoung doing the hula arms stereotype.
NCT Renjun found dancing along with the song but dancing with the hula arms stereotype at the end.
GFRIEND Eunha using a "Hawaiian filter" while found singing "Aloha" with the hula stereotype.
GOT7 JB found wearing a lei with no cultural signifcance and dancing the "hula"
ITZY Yeji wearing a fake lei while mocking the hula, while the rest of the girls are found laughing along with her.
Apologies I embed the wrong video for Jinsouls appropriation. Here is the video of what she did
Before you come attacking me, here are things you should know. Yes, some of these groups I used to stan and some of these groups I anti. no, this does not mean anything. i am calling every single racist thing out from everyone. I am native Hawaiian before a kpop stan.
Please don’t tell me whats wrong or whats right of MY culture. I have been learning my culture for my whole life, I’ve been protesting and advocating for my peoples rights since I was 10 years old.
I am FOURTEEN years old. DO NOT THREATEN ME if you are upset your group is in here.
If you want to be a good ally to Polynesians, include us in your activism and please call out every single racist thing you find, online and offline. We cannot end racism if we let people get away with it. It doesnt matter who it is, racism is racism.
If you are in any of these fandoms i mentioned and you want to help me get my voice heard and start emailing, please reply here!! It would mean the world for these idols and entertainments recognize what they have done wrong.
Here is a thread on how to be respectful to natives I have made and gotten approval of by two other natives!
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