Anyone know the significance of NESARA and GESARA? And why we are going to go thru the Golden Age of Prosperity?

Take for instance bankruptcy. When can you file it? Every 7 years. Why?

Our bodies regenerate themselves every 7 years so we aren’t the same vessel that we were
Now there’s a 7. Then 7 7’s is 49. Every 49 years, there is to be a debt jubilee where all debts are paid and properties given to the one who owns the land.

One problem. We never had them because of Israel going satanic during Solomon and finally... it’s the Golden Jubilee
And look on what day they did it on in our countdown.

The 7th week til the election... and there’s 7 days in a week so there’s the 49.

Gesara complete. Now we wait until 10/3 for Trump to “Resign”.

We have known since October 31, 2017. The day of evil...
And how do we know????

What else does (23) signify?

The numbers 2 and 3.
Makes 10. October. Split to cover Friday (2) and Saturday (3)

Why saturday?

It’s named after Saturn. Saturn day

Saturnalia. Break it off right in their demonic asses.

Humanity wins.
Remember. Once he “resigns”....

EVERYONE has to. Or be forcibly removed. Will they comply?

Funny. You only see crazy Nancy’s clone anymore.

They nailed all of em already back on 7/17.

Wanna know why they have us doing this? Where do you think they will be hiring from?
For the FBI, NSA and other cryptography organizations? This was a job application we have been doing.

Thanks. But no thanks. Have bigger plans. First one’s on the house. 😉
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