Officials now arriving to speak about grand jury findings in May 30 fatal shooting of James Scurlock by Old Market bar owner Jake Gardner.
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Special prosecutor Fred Franklin says he can’t make any statements until he gets a phone call from the clerk’s office, which may take 5-10 minutes.
Feels like all of Omaha, or at least online Omaha, is watching the announcement of the grand jury decision live.
Scurlock’s death made waves in the city throughout the summer. Murals & signs demanding justice at Culprit Cafe — a block away from the courthouse — are still up.
It’s been 15 minutes since special prosecutor Fred Franklin arrived at the press conference & said he had to wait for a call from the clerk’s office.
He’s still in the back.
Again, clerk would need to file a grand jury report, if no charges, or the charges, if there are some.
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