Police just spotted the carjacked red BMW at 22nd/Lyndale Ave N. Occupied by two juvenile BM wearing masks. 16:35
26th/Aldrich Ave N
Involved in robberies and shots fired.
26xx Girard Ave N
They have the driver
Chasing one eastbound across Emerson, 2600 block, back yard
Running west from 2604 Emerson
Behind 2612
Going into a house
Went into 261x Emerson, cops surrounding the house.
Broke into a basement window. "He has a gun"
Cops are with the son of the homeowner and no one is supposed to be home.
Police spoke to the home owner on the phone, she's en route. She said no one has permission to be there.
Police made contact with neighbors and told them to shelter in the basement and away from the walls.
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