jungkook the type of person whose love you have for them just keeps on growing and never stops. He’s easy to love,yes, but it’s the fact that he’s so beautifully layered that truly captures your heart. Its the way he’s a box full of surprises, how he is interested +
in so many different things, it’s how he is always shifting and learning and growing, it’s the way he always shows you a different perspective of life, it’s the way he is just so full of love and happiness and magic that it’s impossible to capture it all in one glance. One day, +
it starts as something as simple as a smile and then you find yourself falling in love with the simples yet the most beautiful of his characteristics. He’s a never ending adventure, someone that will always surprise you and give love to you when you think it’s impossible. So, +
yes falling in love with Jungkook is easy, but falling out of love with Jungkook is impossible. Even if your paths are separated, the impact he had on your heart will ALWAYS stay. He will always make you fall in love with him back again
... can y’all tell that i’m madly in love with that boy bc im crying non stop rn
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