1/ I have a lot of sympathy for heads and the vast majority are doing the best they can to keep people safe. However there are a few cases of incredibly dangerous and reckless behaviour.

The following account is one such example.
2/ Student tests positive, year group is told to isolate, as are the members of staff who had spent all day with them.

Today the staff got a call from the Head "How close did they get to the pupil, where were they sitting etc"
3/ Head finishes the call with "see you in school tomorrow" despite staff pointing out that they will have classed as close contacts according to DfE advice.
Member of staff calls NHS direct and is told that they definitely should continue isolating. They call DfE hotline.
4/ get the same advice. Contact the head to explain.
They get a call, aggressive and threatening, claiming its the staffs fault for being too close to students for doing things they were advised to in the first inset day. Then told if they arent back in tomorrow then no pay
5/ worth pointing out this is in an area of very high infection rate and the staff is in a vulnerable group.
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