I’m at the Heritage Fund meeting, where Aimco is here to answer questions about their performance in investing our Heritage Fund. We have some big questions about Aimco’s performance relative to their own benchmarks for the past several years. #ableg
The govt is currently trying to obfuscate Aimco’s performance relative to their own benchmarks. In fact, they even tried to hide this performance, by withholding information on their performance, in the first-quarter Heritage Fund update. #ableg
The Heritage Fund belongs to ordinary people. Not bureaucrats. Not high-flyin traders. All of us. Most of its value is the tremendous resources working class Albertans pulled out of the ground during the Lougheed-era oil boom of the 70s. We expect it to be stewarded. #ableg
Aimco’s CEO has had $12 million of Albertans’ money direct deposited in to his bank account over the past 5 years. He’s the highest-paid public servant in the province. It’s his job to hit their own performance benchmarks for investing our Heritage Fund. He hasn’t. #ableg
Today, my colleagues and I will be asking some very direct questions about Aimco’s performance. Remember: this is the folks that lost $2BILLION in risky trading schemes that made Aimco a laughingstock. #ableg
Remember: Aimco is the group of folks that Jason Kenney wants to hand your CPP over to. #ableg
Remember: if you’re a teacher, nurse, school custodian, front-desk clerk at a city or town, firefighter, or any of the hundreds of thousands of Albertans who defers income in to a modest public sector pension plan, Aimco now controls the investment of your pension. #ableg
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