Against Child Sexualization?

You're A Member of The Far Right.....

This is no exaggeration.

This is where we're at now and people like me have been warning about it for years.

It's no longer enough for them to usher it in under the radar.
(1) Now they are literally shoving it in our faces, down our throats.

I think ultimately behind all of this and this issue here is the grand crescendo of their diabolical plot for a New World Order.
(2) Cuties just dropped on Netflix.

A film about 11 year old girls dressing provocatively, dry humping the ground, rubbing their crotches, air stroking and playing with used condoms.

There's even a scene where one of the under aged girls lifts her shirt revealing her bare
(3) breast...

I don't recommend it, but if you need proof here it is in plain view:
(4) This is on a family streaming platform.

Children have access to this.

This is considered legal.

You can post it anywhere and no one will reprimand you for it.

Netflix themselves have responded; they support the film. Dare I say child-pornographic film,
(5) lest the defenders undermine me for it.

Oh wait...
(6) 18+??

It's been lurking in the bushes for a while.

Then in our front yard....

Though now we've truly reached the doorstep of the depths of human depravity and debauchery.

This is their aggressive push to normalize the sexualization of children.
(11) There was another headline which I can't seem to find now which literally took a jab at "a society that fears child sexualization".

Probably got scrubbed for letting the cat a little too far out of the bag.
(12) On top of the far left media, the entirety of Rotten Tomatoes' leftist critics came out of their dark dwellings to scramble to the film's defense, giving it a 90% rating:

Fred Topel:

"It's tasteful and it's a poignant point about the line between fun, empowering dancing
(13) and going too far too young."

[... I'm sorry, "TASTEFUL"???]

"The streaming service’s suggestive artwork misrepresented the film by taking a provocative scene out of context."
(14) The "artwork" in question:
(15) Not sure what other context this could be taken in...

"The suggestive image that caused all the fuss (nothing for you to fuss about though, right Fred?) with Cuties comes from the final performance of the movie. At that point, there is something uncomfortable about watching
(16) 11-year-old girls copying the sorts of moves that Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion might perform."

Oh now he gets it...

"That, too, is the point."

... Never mind.

Still think 🍕gate isn't real?

Still think Jeffery Epstein killed himself?
(17) Still think there isn't a pedophile cult trying to groom the public into accepting pedophilia via Creeping Normality?

Then you are part of the problem (Apparently).

The line has been thoroughly drawn.

Which side are you on?
(18) Political correctness of the left demands acceptance of all sexual preferences, including pedophilia.

I just read where the liberals in their political correctness are calling white rape victims whose rapists are people of color racists for reporting their rapes and saying
(19) they deserved to be raped by organized gangs of rapists.

The liberal left has created their own version of morality.

It is immoral to question anyone's sexual preferences according to the liberal left, even if it exploits and harms others.
(20) In Europe the liberal left says that if the person harmed during a sexual preference for rape is white, then it the white woman has no right to object to being raped or she is a racist or other ist/ism.

Time to wake up and SEE what the treacherous Liberal Left are doing...!
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