Dear O/G employees; I think you have wanting a green economy confused with we want you to lose your job. On the contrary, we need a green economy so that we have jobs in place for when the planet stops accepting fossil fuels and starts transition away. 1/6 #ableg
I come from this industry and understand the blurred lines between business and politics. We need to look beyond politics and look at the benefits for the future of all Albertans. 2/6
It may be 10 years or 50 years from now before the industry winds down, but now is the time to prepare our country for the future. We can no longer rely on a boom and bust society. 3/6
We need a back up economy to ensure we avoid mass unemployment, we need affordable education in place so those who want to switch to renewables can do so while ensuring no one is left behind. 4/6
We need to do this to prepare our children, grandchildren with jobs of the future. We also need to do this because climate change is real and is not going away. 5/6
Again, no one is against you, no one wants you to lose your job we just know the world is changing and either we change with it or get left behind. I’d love to see Alberta/Canada lead the way globally. IMHO 6/6
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