AISH = Assured Income for the SEVERELY Handicapped.

But 1000s of ppl with diagnosis for anxiety, ADHD, etc. on lifetime AISH coverage.

AISH rolls growing at 3 times rate of population growth. Not unrealistic to look at if AISH is truly focused on "severe handicaps." #ableg
No doubt that there are people with truly terrible conditions that are severe disabilities. And those people need AISH support.

But AISH isn't the only program. Other programs exist that are for disabilities that are less than "severely handicapped." #ableg
If someone has a condition but can work - even part-time - they shouldn't be deterred from working. #ableg
To lump all individuals with disabilities in with those who are truly *severely* handicapped focuses on what they cannot do, vs what they can do. #ableg
There are also conditions that may have been completely debilitating decades ago, but with modern therapy and medications, someone may be able to work part-time today.

AISH as it stands now is lifetime enrollment, with no reconsideration. #ableg
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