While Tesla was developing his free energy technologies he was inspired by the natural forces of the cosmos, using the earth itself as a capacitor and radiator of energy rather than wires and hard technology. Spirit/Consciousness & science were one in the same for Tesla.
While deep in his experiments in his lab in Colorado, he believed that the energies he was receiving were beyond the static of the expected disturbances of cosmic weather. He believed the electrical impulses were intelligent and possibly coming from different planets.
As his work progressed this opinion only deepened, and despite detractors, Mars became Tesla's most discussed planet. He believed that communication could easily occur between Earth and Mars.
As we know, the world did not take kindly to such futuristic realizations. Or perhaps it is better said that many of his colleagues and opponents did not take well to the idea that energy could be free and that consciousness could grow right along with it.
Truth be told: there is no money to be made, or control to be had, if technology and consciousness grow together. If science and spirit are linked, the world becomes a place too dynamic and creative for the long atrophied 'ruling class' to maintain their power and way of life.
This was the tragic state in which Tesla lived. Yet, perhaps the greatest tragedy is the parasitic nature in which these opposing forces were obsessed with him. They had control, but no creativity, no ability to really advance unless their ideas were stolen from someone else.
Upon Tesla's death, all of his research was taken by the FBI and Tesla seemed to disappear into the background. Fast forward 100 years, and the TESLA name emerges from obscurity and becomes the brand of one Elon Musk. Musk comes up first in google search, before Tesla himself.
Musk emerges as a space baron and mad scientist of sorts. He rather ritualistically uses Tesla's name and image to brand himself.
In fact, by creating this impossibly huge brand, he controls Tesla's modern image and thus his work. As the face of Tesla, Musk introduces the Tesla name and legacy within our consciousness to specific ideologies. And now, Tesla is linked with Musk's bizarre technocratic projects
Anyone with a keen eye for the occult can see that Musk is using Tesla's name and legacy ritualistically. Names and sounds connect directly with the higher worlds and peoples names are direct portals to their energy.
Like Tesla, Musk also takes on an interest in Mars. In fact, Musk proposes the detonation of a nuclear bomb on Mars to help with colonization. He plans to directly link to Mars via his company SpaceX.
As we watch Musk grow, we see that he begins to become the figurehead of many different enterprises: SpaceX, Boring co. and even trans-humanism based companies that see no other option for human survival than to change their nature entirely and become part machine. (Neurolink)
Musk has so many operations, it's hard to believe that one man could come up with all of these ideas himself. It is uncanny how one man can have his hand in so many enterprises that directly engineer the consciousness of mankind through technology from so many different angles.
However, the Musk brand is confusing, as it seems to want to capture Tesla's essence while completely insulting and inverting it. Musk brands himself and profits with Tesla's image yet does not honor or acknowledge Tesla's actual methods & beliefs.
In fact, they are about as far a part as one can get when it comes to science and technology.Tesla was informed by Spirit and considered human consciousness to be organic. Musk ignores the reality of the human spirit and degrades human consciousness by spearheading trans-humanism
It makes you wonder, why did Musk brand himself with Tesla's image and name at all? Why associate himself with a man's legacy that he does not understand and value?
Who is behind all of these technocratic, social engineering companies he claims to miraculously have come up with?

Perhaps the biggest question is, why do we believe him and why do we allow our greatest minds to be inverted, and dissolved into their exact opposite?
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