This is reallly good and thoughtful from @JamesFallows about media fails in the age of Trump. He highlights the very good voices that point out journalistic errors constantly. But—he fails to name names when it comes to the errors and I think that’s a mistake.
The same reporters do this again and again. Name them. Point out their failures and shame them into being better. Nothing else seems to work. I am not a media analyst. I’m just a person who’s been doing this a long time. These are not accidental slips. 2)
And these mistakes don’t matter much to the cocktail party set. But they matter to people of color who over index in covid deaths and police brutality and educational inequities. It’s a weird thing when you realize your reporter-colleagues are in it for a book. Or tv facetime. 3)
I’ve given up on many of the White House reporters caring about overt racism. Or networks booking liars again and again and again. But these issues are life and death to many MANY people. Just mostly not reporters.
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