let's talk about racist & offensive portrayals in childhood classic cartoons (a thread)
first off I just want to say that these cartoons were products of their time and were wrong then and still wrong now. This thread is just for to look back at what was acceptable then and see what it is like

this show is rife of microaggressions and so many instances where it makes mockeries of other cultures with chinese steryotypes, xenophobic thinking and indigenous-phobic jokes.

you may have watched this show on cartoon network or boomerang but it originally game out back in 1964 on ABC. all the characters from "exotic" counties are little more than ethnic stereotypes degrees by today's standards.
native people in the show were one time referred to as "heathen monkeys" and "ignorant savages". Plus bad rep of african tribesmen. this show is a LOT. it's a even #7 on complex's list of most racist shows of all time. here's a good article for more info:
chile... this one is a lot. first let's talk about the Censored Eleven. these cartoons were banned from due to offensive ethnic steryotypes, specifically african ones. the complete list is right here
here's a clip from one of the shorts...
full version :
moving on to TOM & JERRY..
(we'll come back to looney tunes later)

this series of shorts featured racist depictions of black people, and had the main characters in blackface.

another one with racist steryotypes
here's a clip of what it looks like. the new DVDs/blurays have the film edited now.

this Walt Disney short, "Mickey's Mellerdrama", had mickey mouse in blackface.
this animated series had an extremely negative portrayal of arabs in the show.

offensive depictions of native americans

has racist caricaturers of black amercicans
more Looney Tunes (you're gonna see a lot of it)

Bugs bunny and Elmer in blackface!
this scene has been edited for broadcast.
this looney tunes short had extreme anti-japanese messaging and had many racial slurs. the short was been removed from american television during the mid 90s
I'm highly aware many of these cartoons have been edited, shelved or released with a card with historical context. The soul purpose of this thread was to bring up discussion. my intention isn't to "cancel" these things but rather give insight. a lot of people don't know this so
I thought it would be interesting for discussion
hi Im seeing people in the quote replies saying stuff/taking this the wrong way and I just wanted to say, this is for discussion and history! that's it. litteraly it
I'm seeing a lot of mean stuff towards me and I just wanted to say that please read the thread before commenting, I'm just a person who love western animation history and this is apart of it so I decided to make it a topic of a thread. I'm don't understand why this has people mad
while we're on the note of media and censorship, I don't think many of these items should be censored but should rather be released towards older audinces as collectables.
while we're also here, here's a really good documentary about the history of johnny quest and I saw some info from here. it's really interesting, definitely go take a look https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD141CB4D25C5E3BF
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