Global superstars @BTS_twt have topped music charts, broken records, and sold out concerts globally. But BTS is much more than music — they are also committed advocates for marginalized people.

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Michelin-starred Chef @TheVikasKhanna has been feeding people all his life — but as a COVID-fueled food crisis unfolded in his homeland of India, Khanna stepped up to help #FeedIndia.

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When @ParasiteMovie made history winning the 2020 Best Picture Oscar, it wasn’t just a triumph for global cinema; the win was the result of entertainment impresario and 2020 #AsiaGameChangers honoree Miky Lee’s lifetime of championing Korean pop culture: 
The newly minted 2020 US Open champ @NaomiOsaka is not only a trailblazing tennis star, but the barrier-breaking athlete is also an outspoken and inspiring advocate for racial justice around the world.

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Classical music icon @YoYo_Ma has gifted the world with his music for decades, but bringing #songsofcomfort during a time of global anxiety, uncertainty, and isolation is one reason why he's one of our inspiring 2020 #AsiaGameChangers honorees. Learn more: 
Long-time leaders in philanthropy and business @JoeTsai1999 and #ClaraWuTsai played a critical life-saving role at the height of the country’s coronavirus crisis with compassion and generosity.

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