It's been so long since I watched teen wolf s1

I forgot how much I love this show
Derek in handcuffs 😍😍😍
(Alright he's being arrested and not for any really fun reasons... but Derek in handcuffs...)
Stiles is such a dork and I love him
"Did the opposing team literally just pass us the ball?"

"Yes I believe they did coach"
"Maybe you ate it?"
"No you stopped to bake it in a little werewolf oven"

I repeat, I love Stiles.
Ahhh Danny 🧡🧡🧡
"He's starting to smell"
"Like what?"
"Like death"
We stan strong women (even with stereotypical movie taste)

"I am not watching the Notebook"
"Can anyone tell me where to find the notebook"
"Why don't we get to the conference part of this conference, cupcake"
The entire Stillinski family is iconic tbh
I can't remember why the science teacher is a creep but I have so many NOPE vibes right now
Also I remember Mama Argent being a terrible person but I also have such a thing for Papa Argent
Derek hiding in stiles' room while the sheriff is having a proud moment over lacrosse 😂😂😂
"That's my cousin, Miguel"
"Oh, one more thing"

* crunch*

"You know what that was for"

I love the Derek-Stiles interactions
"Hey stiles, next time you see a tripwire, maybe don't trip it?"
"He's failing two classes, he's a little socially awkward and if you look close enough his jawline is kinda uneven"

Stiles gets the best lines
"I'm thinking about punching you in the Face"

I think this is the exact point where I accidentally became a Sterek shipper
Derek's proud smile when Scott beats up Erika & Isaac 😳
"Really you're worried about drowning? Did you not see the thing with the razor sharp teeth"

"Did you not notice that I'm paralysed from the waist down in 8 feet of water"

How did I not see Sterek the first time around?????
"She told me to come back when the bike I rode to school had an engine, not a chain"

Not to get technical, but the large proportion of motorbikes still have a chain (harleys being the exception)
"Didn't anyone ever warn you not to bring claws to a gun fight?"

Hot damn, papa Argent. Hot. Damn.
Derek vs 3 baby betas

Use your alpha roar dumbass
Also the thing that fucks me off most about this episode of teen wolf is that mama argent thinks that killing herself in her daughter's bedroom will keep them closer?

Nah, that's how to psychologically damage your child further you stupid bitch
I also don't know if it's because of his growth in later seasons but I genuinely don't understand or see the love between Chris & Victoria...

He's crying over her death but it feels SO empty
Not the Netflix subtitles saying "I want Terry dead" and completely throwing me...

Think ya mean Derek
"Is this the speech from Independence Day"

sdsfdsfsdfsfsdfs COACH PLS
"Unless you'd rather play with yourself"

"I already did that today, twice."

"Scott can find me, he's knows my scent. It's pungent. More like a stench"

STiles pls.
OK but papa argent teaming up with the wolves plus good day sheriff?

My heart is SO full
Seriously, season 3 is when the Chris Argent feels kick into high gear, I apologise for the thirsting in advance
Season 3, episode 2 has some of the best dialogue

Peter Hale & Stiles banter is iconic
"Inertia is a subject about which you all know plenty"

Mr Harris really fuckng hates teaching
Not to call bullshit but I find it really hard to believe that Isaac could just jump on a 100+ horsepower sports bike get told "here's the throttle, clutch, brakes, don't crash" and y'know... Not crash???
But I do appreciate the amount of motorbikes in teen wolf ;)
"Do you ever get bored of beng blandly moral?"

Good question Peter. Scott is definitely the side character in Teen Wolf
"the oh my god would definitely be for your incredible physique if you weren't bleeding black blood"

I have distant memories that tell me I shouldn't trust Jennifer but also... Same Jennifer. Same.
OK but genuinely, I love Peter Hale quite a disturbing amount.
HIs way of telling a tale, his cutting commentary towards Stiles. Big fan.
Whatever your opinions on Derek may be, I think we can all agree that between his jawline and his abs, he brings a lot to the show
Ahhh fuck. We're into void stiles and no Derek territory
The fact that Scott literally goes "new girl" and hooks them in with a look is hilarious...
Wait, I thought Derek actually went away here. But no, he's just being tortured
What does it say about me that I'm enjoying the Peter / Derek torture scene????
Peter's confusion as to why someone would save Derek but not him was EXCEPTIONAL

He's swiftly becoming a fave in this rewatch
"And the scarf? What's up with the scarf"

Stiles ALWAYS picks up on the important details
Is Melissa mccall the only person who works in that damn hospital?
"dead is still better than being back in high school"
"your the Alpha. The apex predator. You're the hot girl that everyone wants"

Stiles. PLS
The Kira feeding Scott sushi infront of her parents scene is.... very awkward
I love Kira but the level of second hand cringe through her & Scott is sky freakin; high
The theme song change to more techno upsets me greatly. Too much teen drama relies on electronica. Can at least one show stay on the rock spectrum please?!
Also "eating pizza and sushi" like robots... Not at all suspicious even if its not a lie!
I can't cope with Derek looking all stern then giving the trick or treaters treats. My ovaries 😭😍😭😍😭
These teenagers are seriously fucking horny all the time. Like where is your puberty self consciousness?
Caitlyn "I also like boys, do you?"

Stiles *gay panics*
Oh good. The shit theme song was just for that one episode
The twins getting over protective of Scott is hilarious. Him being like "I'm a true alpha, you don't know what I can do"

Scott... You don't know how to true alpha either...
Not to fact check the motorcycle thing again but I struggle to believe that Scott and kira could steal the spark plugs on an mv augusta that quickly, let alone off two of them!
Speaking from experience... Spark plugs on sports bikes are a ball ache to get to and you'll lose a lot of knuckle skin
Also not about Allison bigging up isaac by making him grope her ass while her terrifying hunter dad is RIGHT THERE.
"I'm your father"

"no you're a gene donor"

Scott actually showing some real stones there
Derek getting all up in stiles' emotions with just a sniff 😭😭😭😭
"why would it choose stiles?"

Derek... You choose stiles. We all know it 😏😉
Coach yelling "Im gonna die" is a hell of a mood
Had a moment of "WTF happened here" and completely missed Isaac getting severely maimed???

Praise be for Alpha Em and her Teen Wolf knowledge 💙💙💙
Here for Derek/Chris sassing too
Good, I'm not alone in my Chris/Derek thoughts.. Ish
I picked a bad point to get distracted because there's actually a lot of plot on going... Like the discovery of the Nogitsune...
OK but even more Chris/Derek moments in this episode...

But also Derek defending Stiles...

Awww the Sherriff being all supportive and parental towards Allison. I love the parental figures in this show quite a lot
(Well, mainly the Sherriff, Chris & Melissa tbh...)
"I guess this is the part where i say something witty... I'm not witty"

Don't sell yourself short Isaac, I laughed!
Yes, I see two people trying to kill each other and say "Great, they'd be perfect together"

Yes, I'm still talking about Derek/Chris
Not Chris begging Derek "Don't make me kill you"

Am very emo
regret having a snack while Stiles voms up bandages
Scott nodding to the Sherriff to confirm it's Stiles đŸ„°đŸ„°đŸ„°đŸ„°
"You're not my enemy anymore Derek, and I'm not yours"

Congrats, you made it out the enemy zone... This highspeed train is well on it's way to Lovers
Coach summing up my thoughts on American healthcare pretty damn accurately!

"$10k? What did they fill y stomach with diamonds?"
"Insane asylum isn't the correct terminology anymore"

"OK, what nuthouse did you escape from?"

I love coach, he's such an iconic dickhead
100% here for coach tazing his bully!
I am not ready for Chris' inevitable breakdown over Allison.

He's too collected and cold right now and the dam is gonna burst and it's gonna hurt. I remember it hurting so much last time around
"I don't think I can date a werewolf"

"You knew?"

"Dude, it's Beacon Hills"

At this stage, who doesn't know that everyone's somehow attached to the supernatural???
Lydia saying "this is the worst plan we've ever come up with" is bold because...

Well there are a lot of terrible plans in this show
The malia/kira dance scene...
And the subsequent fight scene

Baby Derek????

How did I forget about baby Derek?
"Have you been time travelling?"

The sheriff losing his shit and just being done with everything is truly beautiful
Miguel is back, omg
Eughhh nope. Not about the adult Kate and baby Derek vibes
Stiles' same-brain moment with Malia was cute as hell tbh
"I got him"
"I got him"

Stiles & Scott are such freaking dorks
Scott trying to explain the werewolf thing to Liam is PAIN
Papa Argent "I got your text"

Rolling on in to be the dad figure Scott never had, I love it. A lot.
"We should think like stiles!"

"Like a hyperactive spaz?" fshkfhgkshfd

Shush Derek, you love that boy.
Satomi is such a BAMF. Her entire pack is sick or dead but she just matrix's her way down a hospital corridor and takes out an assassin

Stiles "The crow flies at midnight"

Chris *eyerolls so hard he probably had an aneurism*
Peter Hale has the prettiest eyes
Chris Argent bleeding out, stapled to the wall telling Parrish to protect scott...

HE'S SUCH A GOOD EGG! But pls don't die (I don't think he dies right?!)
"You look like a guy who's not afraid of anything"

Parrish Summing up Chris so well right there. That scene is owwwwie but so good
"OK where do we get carbonite?"

LMAO no one in this has seen star wars and I respect that
I wish I could screenshot netflix. I want to capture the look stiles & derek just shared over the "powerful heirloom"
"Excuse me, catch" *sherriff throws explosives at berserker*

Sherriff Stillinski is a fucking icon and I love him so much.
He's just a dad, confused by all things supernatural, trying to protect his son and his son's friends
I forgot how fucking wild s5 of Teen Wolf is...
Was not prepared for the Malec feels with War of Hearts in Teen Wolf. JFC
"What do you even call that?"

"Personally I call it terrifying"

Same Deaton, Same.
The Scott and kira ILY moment will never not make me laugh! That is the best way to tell someone the first time imo... Just casually and from the heart. Feels so much more authentic than any planned moment can!
I love how often storylines play on Tesla and his weirdness
The fact that things get super serious and Chris argent storms in to save the day... Competency kink in full swing!
Y'al thought this thread was over... But I'm back to being able to watch Teen Wolf and thirst over Papa Argent. OOOFT
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