questions for bored people about jungkook because i miss him..... rt this if ure joining or smth
favorite jungkook nickname?
favorite jungkook hair color?
favorite jungkook solo?
favorite jungkook video?
favorite jungkook selca?
fav jungkook era?
favorite jungkook line? doesn’t have to be a lyric obviously it can just be something rly comforting that he said
when did you start biasing him ?
something you have in common with jungkook?
favorite jungkook look?
do u think that. jungkook bunny? (u cant say no)
jungkook w long hair or short hair ?
what hair color do you think he should try again?
someone you’d like to see him collab with on jjk1?
end of thread !! ♡
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