On 7/28, @GovChrisSununu vetoed HB 1234, a nonpartisan omnibus bill relative to state & local government administration. In his veto message, he questioned the integrity of the legislative process, falsely claiming that the legislation lacked a public hearing (cont.) #NHpolitics
In vetoing the bill, @GovChrisSununu struck down requests from his own agency heads + legislation filed by Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Morse, House Minority Leader Dick Hinch, & Senate & House Republican leaders Jeb Bradley & Sherm Packard
Tomorrow, the @NHHouseofReps will be taking up HB 1234 with the possibility of overriding @GovChrisSununu's veto. Here are a few of the measures contained in the legislation #NHpolitics
HB 1695 relative to background checks for certain persons under the banking law, prime sponsor @EdoftheNotch
SB 757 local option for operation of sports book retail locations, prime sponsor @CindyR4NH. This would have allowed Nashua to put sportsbooks on their ballot during last week’s primary. The veto has delayed the next vote until November 2021 at the earliest.
SB 557 relative to the advisory council on career and technical education, prime sponsor @jaykahnnh. This measure would have required the DOE to adopt rules establishing requirements for a career readiness credential, it originally passed the @TheNHSenate on a voice vote.
SB 692 prime sponsor @DanFeltesNH. This would have given the PUC the necessary resources - consultants, attorneys, etc. - to fully participate at the regional level on behalf of NH's ratepayers. NH should have the resources to advocate on its own to better defend ratepayers.
SB 575, prime sponsor @jaykahnnh would have allowed a claimant denied compensation by the victims' assistance commission to appeal the decision to the attorney general #NHpolitics
SB 591, prime sponsor @SenDavidWatters would have amended the state's waste reduction goal + created a solid waste disposal reduction goal to reduce the quantity by weight of solid waste disposed in landfills and incinerators by 25% by 2030, and by 45% by 2050. #NHpolitics
SB 456, prime sponsor Senator Jeb Bradley would have permitted capital reserve funds of counties, towns, districts, and water departments to be used for financing the cost of leases of equipment #NHpolitics
SB 635, prime sponsor Senate Minority Leader Chuck Morse, would have established the lakes region development authority to implement the redevelopment master plan prepared by the lakeshore redevelopment planning commission #NHpolitics
The list goes on. When @GovChrisSununu was presented with bipartisan legislation that would have made significant, nonpartisan, impacts he stayed true to his word & erred on the side of veto. We urge the @NHHouseofReps to put NH first & override the veto of HB 1234. #NHpolitics
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