I truly don't understand why, with everything at stake and everything we just learned, there are still people griping loudly how Biden wasn't their first choice and how Warren/Yang/whoever would be better.

Can you not keep this to your damn self?

Who are you trying to impress?
There are 3-4 Bernie troll threads that have been running in my mentions for several days, and I've actually seen two or three people jump in and start AGREEING WITH THE TROLLBOT about what they see as Biden's shortcomings.

Seriously??? What is wrong with you people???
Biden is running an amazing campaign.

If it weren't for the pandemic and the specter of likely cheating and certain voter suppression, this would be considered an insurmountable lead.

Biden is breaking fundraising records. He's even outraised Obama.

He's responded pitch-perfectly to everything Trump has thrown at him. Nothing negative has stuck to him. Our narrative is prevailing.

He's getting great press from the non-Bro media.

What more do you want?

I guess some Warren and Yang types still want a different platform, but that's too damn bad.

We're not changing the platform 50 days out.

If you want the platform you want, trying winning a primary, because that's the only way.

We don't need to worry about "unity" and Bernie deadenders.

We're actually better off with them complaining Biden isn't lefty enough.

It makes Biden and the Democrats look reasonable by comparison, and more palatable to the swing voters we need.

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It can't have escaped your notice Biden's biggest challenge is convincing soccer moms he's not a socialist.

Trump's best line of attack is "Trojan Horse for Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, and AOC."

Everything we do needs to push back on that narrative.

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Moving left accomplishes nothing positive.

Swing voters aren't hesitant to leave Trump because we refuse to give them free college. 🙄

Many Americans fear socialism so much, they're still deciding if Trump is really worse than Elizabeth Warren-by-proxy

And these are the voters we need.

We can't pacify Bernie holdouts and still persuade moderates and swing voters.

You can't do both.

We have to choose, and it's an easy call.

Simple math.

It's better to take a vote away from Trump than worry about non-voters.

And there are more persuadable Obama-Trump voters in the center.

See here:

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We expect Bernie supporters to act like privileged assholes and withhold their support over sour grapes.

But I'm pretty disgusted with how many Democrats can't stop talking about what they don't like about Biden.

And none of it is worth talking about.

Joe Biden is the candidate we need.

He's the right man for this fight.

Empathy. Integrity. He inspires confidence.

He understands what needs to be done to right the ship.

He has demonstrated extraordinary political skills.

No one else could do what he has done.

No one.

When I think back to this time last year, when I would try to discuss pros and cons of the different candidates and I'd get absolutely flamed with VOTEBLUENOMATTERWHO or worse,

"You're doing GOPs work for them."

Now those same people are trashing our nominee, 50 days out.

Get with it, people.

No one is impressed you're still carrying a torch for Warren, or Beto, or Pete, or Yang, or whoever

Kamala supporters not-so-subtly wishing Biden an early death, you're the worst of them. (To be clear, it's only a small subset, but they're out there.)

I hope we win, but it's not a foregone conclusion by any stretch.

Maybe you think it's safe to trash Biden because you believe Trump is so horrible, it's going to be an easy.

That's what Andrew McCabe and James Comey thought, too.

Here's a thread I wrote a few months ago about how I saw the campaign narrative emerging.

The fire hose of oppo over the past few weeks has been the variable- that's where having good political instincts matters- but the foundational narrative has held. https://twitter.com/SallyAlbright/status/1285784259068932097
So stop trashing Joe Biden.

It makes you look ignorant, not someone to be taken seriously.

We're lucky to have such an outstanding candidate. If you can't appreciate him, that's on you.

The rest of us are trying to win an election. Get on board, or get out of the way.

Here's a link to the Biden-Harris Victory Fund, a joint fundraising effort supporting the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris campaign as well as state-level Democrats across the country, up and down the ballot.

Make a recurring donation today.

Please Retweet! https://secure.actblue.com/donate/bidendems
Why am I not surprised? 😂🙄

I've been seeing tweets like this all summer and fall, and it's wonderful.

It's a testament to Joe Biden, and it's how primaries are supposed to work.

💗 https://twitter.com/HieronymusMcG/status/1305873890892296193
When I woke up the morning after Pete stepped aside and saw Amy was on a plane to join him in Houston where Beto was waiting, I exhaled for the first time since November 2016.

It took all of us to beat back Bernie and the Children's Brigade, but with all of us, it wasn't hard 💗
And of course, Cory and Kamala batting clean up right before Michigan, just in case he got any ideas.

The whole thing was perfectly choreographed for maximum impact.

Because Joe Biden knows what he's doing.
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